Alert! Identity Theft

I'm really upset. I knew that writing a blog - or sending just about anything in the net - is at the risk of getting your rights to your content being compromised. I put a watermark on the pics and hope they won't be cropped off and the pics stolen away. I never thought someone would steal my identity. How could that even happen? I'm anonymous. But someone has.

I received an email from a company saying they would agree to my request. What request? "My request" was attached in the mail: Doo claiming for free samples in the purpose of reviewing them in this blog. The shipping address was a post box number in Punjab, Pakistan. (Do note that I reside in Finland, Europe). That person had claimed to be the owner of this blog and had generated an email address similar enough to mine - just one dot missing. Fortunately this company had themselves approached me before so they had my real address in their contacts. In a lucky error they replied to me instead of the imposter. So now I'm aware that there is someone outthere trying to ask for products using my identity.

Have you had this happen to you?
Have you taken any steps to prevent this?
What could I do to prevent this from happening?

If there are companies outthere reading this and waiting for my review - I'm sorry but I don´t do reviews in exchange for products. I never ever contact companies for free samples. I like to buy my own stuff. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to win in a draw or a couple of times in nail art competitions, sometimes people close to me surprise me with a gift. Mostly I just buy them myself. I mention brands and put up links just to be informative to my readers. The only thing I get from it is an organized nail file for me and for others to read. I am not affiliated with any company. I don´t have sponsorships nor do I seek for them. Sometimes companies approach me and only once have I welcomed products to try. I don´t have as much time to invest in this blog to keep up the regular posting that sponsorships require. This blog is a stress-free place for me, where I can express myself when I feel like it, with what ever colors I choose to wear at the time. There are other girls doing a brilliant job at reviewing products and showcasing new collections, keeping us updated on the latest novelties.

I love being independent and I´m really really upset that someone is now taking advantage of that - claiming for free products and then maybe selling them forward. Most probably doing it to other bloggers too.

What can I do about it? I don´t want to stop blogging and I wouldn't want to make this blog a closed community. But I feel really violated. I also feel the threat for other bloggers. I sincerely hope the companies use some measures to check the real identity of the people who claim to own a certain blog.

Please, if you have any thoughts on how this kind of theft could be prevented, tell me. Do warn other bloggers about this too.


Dotted Marble Tower

I felt grey the other day and made myself choose between Nubars I ordered over a year ago (these). Marble Tower is one of those polishes I've never laid on my nails before so it was about a time to try it out.

It applied really nicely, one coat was enough but I put second coat on anyway. The dots are made with one of the biggest ball point tools I have. White is just regular white by Miss Me. A visitor tried to land on my nails while taking the pics...!
So glad the light is back again for outdoor shooting.

Thanks for stopping by!


Sunrise Holo Gradient

There is something I´ve been meaning to write about the Catherine Arley's I ordered back in April (see here)... I've worn them all but haven't got a chance to post about them lately. Two of them were quite sheer (670 & 676), as I thought they'd be - the silver one being just perfect for layering! This is Catherine Arley #676 over regular yellow-orange gradient.

Just simple sponging for the gradient with some Wild and Crazy polishes I'm trying to use up.

I think it´s quite work-appropriate look though it comes to live when the light hits it.

Hope you're having a great week :)