Catherine Arley #800 Red

These Catherine Arley holos are so pretty I can´t seem to get any nail art done. Everytime I look down on the nails I'm thinking - wow, I can't really cover this with anything. This is #800, red and sweet like a strawberry.

Like on the orange #806 this applied effortlessly, with 2 coats, to a very shiny finish. I've been wearing this for 5 days and today I'm about to change my manicure. So I wanted to give nail art a go, inspired by a nail challenge at Chalkboard Nails.

So I played around with dotting tools and a toothpick. Wanted some slavic design so chose electric blue to accompany the red. White french tip (actually painted just half of the tip) with a row of dots. I would like this design much more if I didn't know how gorgeous the red itself is.

Have a great weekend :)


Election day with Catherine Arley #806

 Spicing up the freezing cold presidential election day with a holo. This is Catherine Arley #806 from my latest haul. The hot color makes a stark contrast with the wearther we are having.

I love shooting holos in the sunshine... don't have to worry about reflections and shadows for it seems like it's lit within.

Usually orange is my least favorite nail polish shade but I knew I would love an orange holo. Even if it doesn't really complement my skintone.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


Haul for holos and more

I've been dreaming of those Catherine Arley holographic polishes ever since seeing Trincess's swatches on Emerald Sparkled. The final kick for placing the order to Bulgaria was seeing Facets of Fuchsia from Revlon on sale on the site!

To my great sadness I got a refund with a note that not all polishes were available. FoF being one of the two that were not in the package.

Having read so many experiences (good and not so good) I'm glad to say my polishes arrived quite fast. The bottles were very carefully individually packed as you can see from the first pic. Still one bottle had leaked. It wasn't broken or anything and there was just as much polish in it as in the rest of them. Couldn't really tell were the leak was from. There were no stains on the bubble wrap, just on the side of the bottle. Strange but I'm happy that none of the polish really got to waste.

Here is the row of Catherine Arley holos: #670, #676, #677, #800, #801 and #807. They look so modest here, wait until I wear them when the sun is shining :)

For the great price I also wanted to try some other polishes from brands that I've only seen on other blogs. Here are #650 Goldfinger and #490 Iron Mermaiden by Catrice. In the center #392 Matte nail polish by Gabrini, a really really gorgeous green that I just tossed in the shopping cart, never seen swatches of it. #327 by Bell is really girlish, summer shade that looks more coral really because it's quite sheer. The blue #99 by Flormar was also just something I didn't really think about getting but threw it in the cart anyway. Got to have some blue in the package too right?

Got me my very first magnetic polishes as well. Never tried Essence before so was really intrigued and selected one Special effect top coat there too. These are #05 Pixie Dust and #01 Miracle shine with top coat #04 Mystic Mermaid. And the magnet. I´m not really in terms with the magnet yet but the polishes look awesome anyway.

These I got from the local store a while ago but this brand Golden Rose is available on the site too (Beautycosmetic.biz). #101 Matte velvet (shimmering baby blue), and #11 Matte (deep plum? thought it would be grey).

Now I have way more new polish to go through than I have time for my nails... And still I'm so hungry for more (Lynnderella? CG Magnetix?). Have to put a stop to shopping for a while, I think, and give my time to the untrieds :)