Indigo Illusion with Mermaid scales

Decided to do something quick and something that wouldn't hide the hues of Indigo Illusion but accentuates them. So painted a sort of S with clear super-glue-like old top coat (Rimmel) and dipped the nails into hexa-glitter.

Indoor pics because it´s freeeezing outside. But here you can see the purple also.

Discoball / Mermaid scales ... :)

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Indigo Illusion by Nubar

Since Models Own Beetlejuices have been out I've been hungry for some duochromes. Still got no Beetlejuices but to ease my crave I got 2 Nubar duochromes. Here is Indigo Illusion with 3 coats. I

Very very tricky to capture the purple but it is there between green and grey.

If I wasn't into nail polish - seen thousands of shades - I probably wouldn't appreciate this one. I think many around me don't understand this color at all. It's a striking contrast to the bold reds, happy pinks and glamorous golds. Very special color ♥. I think it needs to be paired with some nail art so other non-nailfanatics will appreciate it's beauty too :)

So on to planning some nail art... Hope you're having a great weekend!


Absolute Nubar Love

I've had a speciifique Nubar wishlist that has been untouched for a looong time. Thanks to my sister I started browsing Beauty Bay while they had free international shipping, finding Nubar among the brands they sell. For a reasonable price too.

I've dreamed of these for so long... From left to right: Hyacinth Sparkle, Blue Hydrangea, Absolute, Indigo Illusion and Wildlife. The two latter are duochromes and they are supposed to help me with my crave for Models Own Beetlejuices :P

The Absolute queen of the bunch is blue holo in the center. I put it on straight away. Applies nicely but requires at least three coats. Me wearing three in the first pic. I knew it would take more layers than I've used to, willing to do that for this polish gladly. Put Diamont top coat by Nubar over it and it was completely touchable within half an hour.

Now that I got a queen for my blue polishes I can finally get over my blue season?


Rocky Bronze with a pattern

Rocky Bronze started to show some tipwear so I wanted to spice it up before changing to a new polish... Decided to practise on dragging, this time with golden nail art pen and a toothpick.

 Nothing too precise but adding the pattern really lit up the gold in the base polish! There's no top coat in the pics so it looks a bit harsh. I didn't think I'd wear it the next day so didn't bother sealing it - but here I am still typing with them.

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Rocky Bronze by Kicks

There was a time when I´d wear only brown or wine red nail polish. They´d stain the nails for sure but were something else than just regular reds that were everywhere. Now for the past decade or so when there´s been lots and lots of colors to choose from I´ve been neglecting browns (all but holos). But this one stopped me. To date this is the prettiest brown I've seen. Meet Rocky Bronze by Kicks.

Kicks released their own make up line with nail polish back in autumn and it's been quite hard to hunt down swatches of these lacquers. I fell for Rocky Bronze the first time I glanced at it at Don´t touch my tiara . It's really rich brown with what appears to be cool toned gold and red shimmer. Applies really well and covers with every stroke. The shine is amazing!

This might look beautiful mattified but I love the shine too much to grab a matte top yet.

In the pics just 2 coats of color. No top coat. Because my nails are very curvy and the shine is blinding in this polish the pics don´t really capture all the awesomeness.

It makes me crave for chocolate :P


Prize surprise

In December I participated in a nail art competition at Pastelliunelmia. I didn´t win the grand prize but was lucky enough to get a surprise package in a draw. This is what sweet Lumi sent to me:

Closer look for fimo wheel, bows, hearts and striping tape...

 I've never had a striping tape before but always wanted to try it!

Lovely earrings (my eldest daughter is soo begging me to let her wear them!)

There's something for every girl in the house:  look at those panda fimos in the wheel!

...and flowers and Hello Kitties... Thank you for a great surprise once again Lumi :)

It's been too long since the last time I decorated the nails properly. These give me new kicks to do something wilder than two toned mani :D But one more polish-only manicure for this month coming up. It's a polish so pretty that once I got it on I couldn't hide it under anything... Pics up tomorrow.

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More Blues with Glitter Graffiti

May I present to you: all the daylight I could catch lol. It was snowing heavily today so it looked gloomy all around. Still a few weeks until the sun is truly back in business. Anyway this is Mad Blue by Isadora over Matte Velvet #105 by Golden Rose.

This is the combo indoors before putting on shiny top coat. I thought I'd like it matte but it´s so striking when shiny - like real ice cracking. The Golden Rose polish has nice shimmer to it which really pops out with top coat on the outdoor pictures.

The graffiti effect was immeadiate: in a minute all the cracks were visible. Really impressive. I generally don't like wide brushes but with this one it had to be wide to keep up with the pace of cracking!

I've been on a buying mode for a while, mostly clothes but some polish too. Some great holos coming my way hopefully next week... Here are the ones bought back in December: Golden Rose Matte Velvet #105 (teal) and #106 (red), Golden Rose Holographic color #107 (leans to blue). I didn't plan on buying them chronologically nor lining them up like that, just a coincidence!

Next to them are Isadora Graffiti Mad Blue, Constance Carroll UK Diamond Gloss Fairy Dust (which I sported for nearly 2 weeks here) . The last one in the row is Nivea Calcium Power in #13 Pearly White, my hubby bought it to me yesterday. It states "shock resistant" on the bottle. Wonder what that means :D

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Post # 300: Blog Awards

Here are some awards (along with some questions/answers) that have been waiting since 2011. This is the cutest award I've seen! I wonder who designed it? I got it from Ashesela, thank you!

For this award you:

1. Link back to the person who awarded you
2. Answer the award questions
3. Tell something about yourself that you haven't told anyone on your blog yet
4. Award as many blogs as you think are worthy of this award
5. Make sure to let those you gave this award to know that you awarded them.

The Award Questions:

1. What is your go to makeup product?
- Nail polish for sure. Most of the time I have no other makeup on.

2. What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?
- I don't know about trends that much... But last year I started eyeing on mustard-yellow on clothes! I guess it was all those e-tailers newsletters that got me into that?

3. What is your favorite dessert?
- There are too many... mainly all the cakes and pies.

4. Favourite color?
- Would be easier to name a favorite color combination.. No, that's too tough also!
5. What is your middle name?
- skipping this one, sorry

6. What was the last song that you listened to?
- From the radio Elämän nälkä by Pave Maijanen. (YouTube, Spotify)

7. Cats or dogs?
- Cats

Something about myself that you don't know:
I watch a lot of movies but no tv :P

This one is also from last year. Thank you Dutchnailpolish and Ashesela!
Two rules: 7 things about myself and award to 15 other bloggers
  1.  I've been blogging since August 2009.
  2.  I've been blogging for 2,5 years soon!
  3.  Infact this is my blog post #300. (Didn't plan this :D)
  4.  A number so small is due to having almost half a year of silence in 2010 for being so busy in other areas of life.
  5.  Also due to changing my nail looks only about once a week.
  6.  Still I'm amazed I've written so many entries!
  7. I've posted most of the nail looks I've wore these past two years here (at least the ones that were not just single colored or duplicates of my other looks).
And more coming soon. It's snowing outside so I doubt I'll get great pics but I try to shoot some to share my current ice-manicure...

For both of these awards I tag:


Tuning into New Year

I've had a slow start for doing my nails this year, wearing just one manicure from last year to these days. I actually wore these nails (above) for 12 days straight! I have to give all the credit to Pure Gold (by Nivea, previously seen here) and Fairy Dust #311 (Constance Carrol UK) for sticking along through 12 days straight - days which started with the biggest challenge nails can face: a day in a spa!  I was sure swimming would damage the nails some way but no - not even a crack in the nail polish. For the record I didn't wear any other top coat over the glitter. Going against all the rules in the book I wore no base coat either. And the nails were like new for 10 days. I wanted to see how long it would last, didn't change the look until it started to chip (after 11 days...).

The Diamond Gloss Fairy Dust was my hubby's choice for a souvenir from the spa: The very first time he selected a nail polish for me.... Nice good old glitter and the words "quick dry and chip resistant" proved to be more than accurate!

Santa visited us on Christmas Eve and brought me new cosmetics. All these are from a special Elf who must have been following my blog very closely. Look, Lemony Flutter! How did she know I wanted to try it? Read my mind or my comments on some other blogs? :D

From left to right Kicks Make Up: Rocky Bronze, Lady Blue, Terracotta Dust, Parisian Masquerade. Ooh I only need the Evening at the Chateau Marmont now.

I made my first manicure for this year just hours ago. Played with some new stuff (not through with blues yet...). Trying to catch some natural light tomorrow for pics :)