Sunrise Holo Gradient

There is something I´ve been meaning to write about the Catherine Arley's I ordered back in April (see here)... I've worn them all but haven't got a chance to post about them lately. Two of them were quite sheer (670 & 676), as I thought they'd be - the silver one being just perfect for layering! This is Catherine Arley #676 over regular yellow-orange gradient.

Just simple sponging for the gradient with some Wild and Crazy polishes I'm trying to use up.

I think it´s quite work-appropriate look though it comes to live when the light hits it.

Hope you're having a great week :)


  1. I love the addition of the holo as a topcoat. Very unique (:

  2. Kiitos inspiraatiosta! :) http://sonnela.blogspot.fi/2012/06/hololiukuvarjays-hawaii-tunnelmissa.html

    Ja kiitos vinkistä, nyt tiedän mihin voin käyttää noita ohuita CA:n holoja! :)

  3. This somehow reminds of a sugar jelly:D really cute


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