Quick and classy with black and white

Here's something quick with white tips I found from our other camera today. I didn't remember taking these pics but glad I did.

I wanted to do french tips with black and white to match my black and white outfit. I actually wanted to try tape manicure but once again got frustrated with the thick lines and after failing the thumb twice decided to do it freehanded. It would be neater with tape but for me it´s too much hassle. Same as with stamping nail art: I admire others great talent and as simple as it seems I just can't get it straight and to stay put. So I'll stick to simplicity :)

I'm wearing regular black (Nero by GOSH I think?) with regular white (Miss Me perhaps...). Here my nails are a bit shorter than usual but I like the optical illusion that gives them extra length.

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  1. Never seen anyting like it, pretty!

  2. cool nail design.love the black and white combo.

  3. Thank you girls. Just a simple v-french but tops the outfit well :)


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