Election day with Catherine Arley #806

 Spicing up the freezing cold presidential election day with a holo. This is Catherine Arley #806 from my latest haul. The hot color makes a stark contrast with the wearther we are having.

I love shooting holos in the sunshine... don't have to worry about reflections and shadows for it seems like it's lit within.

Usually orange is my least favorite nail polish shade but I knew I would love an orange holo. Even if it doesn't really complement my skintone.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. wow i love this! so pretty and unique. i dont really like orange either but i love this

  2. I don't really like oranges shades but this one looks very pretty

  3. Wonderful colour!

    Kiss Sheepkiss


  4. Tämä on kyllä upea lakka! Samoin useammat muutkin Catherine Arleyn lakat, vitsi kun saisi itselleenkin tilattua! Jänskättää vaan kun ihmisillä on ollut niin vaihtelevat mielipiteet kyseisestä puljusta...

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  6. LOVELY !!

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