Tuning into New Year

I've had a slow start for doing my nails this year, wearing just one manicure from last year to these days. I actually wore these nails (above) for 12 days straight! I have to give all the credit to Pure Gold (by Nivea, previously seen here) and Fairy Dust #311 (Constance Carrol UK) for sticking along through 12 days straight - days which started with the biggest challenge nails can face: a day in a spa!  I was sure swimming would damage the nails some way but no - not even a crack in the nail polish. For the record I didn't wear any other top coat over the glitter. Going against all the rules in the book I wore no base coat either. And the nails were like new for 10 days. I wanted to see how long it would last, didn't change the look until it started to chip (after 11 days...).

The Diamond Gloss Fairy Dust was my hubby's choice for a souvenir from the spa: The very first time he selected a nail polish for me.... Nice good old glitter and the words "quick dry and chip resistant" proved to be more than accurate!

Santa visited us on Christmas Eve and brought me new cosmetics. All these are from a special Elf who must have been following my blog very closely. Look, Lemony Flutter! How did she know I wanted to try it? Read my mind or my comments on some other blogs? :D

From left to right Kicks Make Up: Rocky Bronze, Lady Blue, Terracotta Dust, Parisian Masquerade. Ooh I only need the Evening at the Chateau Marmont now.

I made my first manicure for this year just hours ago. Played with some new stuff (not through with blues yet...). Trying to catch some natural light tomorrow for pics :)


  1. Great mani, I can't believe it lasted that long! Mine usually last about 2 days and they have chips. Great haul, too. Someone was paying attention. ;)

  2. Love the nails!

    You just need to be more careful what you wish for, elves have their ears open all year around ;)

  3. Your nails look so pretty!! What wonderful presents. :D

  4. I don't think I've ever experienced a manicure to last that long. It's amazing!!
    Great presents and cool colours! :)

  5. That's got to be a record.. And without top coat!
    I've got Terracotta Dust, but I must say that I'm starting to hunger for Parisian Masquerade now too.. And well, Evening at Chateau Marmont... I've heard it sold out, but that's one I really want too!

  6. Haha, exactly, ears everywhere :D

    There's nothing like old fashioned glitter to stick through spa and finnish sauna but I never expected such stamina. I actually turned to this combo because both bottles stated "quick dry" and I was already in the bathrobe (and yes, because gold and glitter look lovely reflected in the water lol).

    @ honmednaglarna: My sister's been trying to hunt that one down for me since it came out. Hope we manage to get our bottles this year :)

  7. Hello! i love your blog and i nominated you for Creative blogger award! Elena. http://tip-top-nails.blogspot.com/2012/01/creative-blogger-award.html


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