Rocky Bronze by Kicks

There was a time when I´d wear only brown or wine red nail polish. They´d stain the nails for sure but were something else than just regular reds that were everywhere. Now for the past decade or so when there´s been lots and lots of colors to choose from I´ve been neglecting browns (all but holos). But this one stopped me. To date this is the prettiest brown I've seen. Meet Rocky Bronze by Kicks.

Kicks released their own make up line with nail polish back in autumn and it's been quite hard to hunt down swatches of these lacquers. I fell for Rocky Bronze the first time I glanced at it at Don´t touch my tiara . It's really rich brown with what appears to be cool toned gold and red shimmer. Applies really well and covers with every stroke. The shine is amazing!

This might look beautiful mattified but I love the shine too much to grab a matte top yet.

In the pics just 2 coats of color. No top coat. Because my nails are very curvy and the shine is blinding in this polish the pics don´t really capture all the awesomeness.

It makes me crave for chocolate :P


  1. Holy Wow! I love that one. It's so rich looking and it has texture. Yum!

  2. A Beautiful brown with the right amount of glitter.

  3. Tulee oikeuksiinsa pitkillä kynsillä :)

    1. Thank you LittleMonsterx14, KrisInPhilly, Ashesela, Jim and sis ^^


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