More Blues with Glitter Graffiti

May I present to you: all the daylight I could catch lol. It was snowing heavily today so it looked gloomy all around. Still a few weeks until the sun is truly back in business. Anyway this is Mad Blue by Isadora over Matte Velvet #105 by Golden Rose.

This is the combo indoors before putting on shiny top coat. I thought I'd like it matte but it´s so striking when shiny - like real ice cracking. The Golden Rose polish has nice shimmer to it which really pops out with top coat on the outdoor pictures.

The graffiti effect was immeadiate: in a minute all the cracks were visible. Really impressive. I generally don't like wide brushes but with this one it had to be wide to keep up with the pace of cracking!

I've been on a buying mode for a while, mostly clothes but some polish too. Some great holos coming my way hopefully next week... Here are the ones bought back in December: Golden Rose Matte Velvet #105 (teal) and #106 (red), Golden Rose Holographic color #107 (leans to blue). I didn't plan on buying them chronologically nor lining them up like that, just a coincidence!

Next to them are Isadora Graffiti Mad Blue, Constance Carroll UK Diamond Gloss Fairy Dust (which I sported for nearly 2 weeks here) . The last one in the row is Nivea Calcium Power in #13 Pearly White, my hubby bought it to me yesterday. It states "shock resistant" on the bottle. Wonder what that means :D

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  1. Tuo Mad Blue on ehkä kaunein cracklelakka jonka olen nähnyt, ihana! n_n

    Täällä on päivisin yleensä jonkin verran valoa, mutta se valoisan aika on niin kovin lyhyt. Oon yleensä sen ajan töissä ja viikonloppuna nukun senverta pitkään, että ei siinä heti herättyä ehdi tajuta kaivaa kameraa esiin kynsikuvia varten :(

  2. I think it looks really great. And yes please to the sun coming back, very soon!! :D


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