Indigo Illusion by Nubar

Since Models Own Beetlejuices have been out I've been hungry for some duochromes. Still got no Beetlejuices but to ease my crave I got 2 Nubar duochromes. Here is Indigo Illusion with 3 coats. I

Very very tricky to capture the purple but it is there between green and grey.

If I wasn't into nail polish - seen thousands of shades - I probably wouldn't appreciate this one. I think many around me don't understand this color at all. It's a striking contrast to the bold reds, happy pinks and glamorous golds. Very special color ♥. I think it needs to be paired with some nail art so other non-nailfanatics will appreciate it's beauty too :)

So on to planning some nail art... Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. I love this nail polish!!It´s beautiful!!:)

  2. I can't imagine someone not appreciating this for what it is: perfection. *sigh* Oh the poor, uneducated people... ;)

    It's a shame that for someone to think it's "pretty" we have to COVER it up. Shame, really. It kind of defeats the purpose.

    Rant over, I have to say: your nail length makes me drool. I love when your nails get long like this! So perfect. :)

  3. Very Beautiful!!!


  4. Thank you all! Yeah I agree it is so beautiful. I tried not to hide it but give it new depth with glitter deco. Hope you´ll like it :)


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