Absolute Nubar Love

I've had a speciifique Nubar wishlist that has been untouched for a looong time. Thanks to my sister I started browsing Beauty Bay while they had free international shipping, finding Nubar among the brands they sell. For a reasonable price too.

I've dreamed of these for so long... From left to right: Hyacinth Sparkle, Blue Hydrangea, Absolute, Indigo Illusion and Wildlife. The two latter are duochromes and they are supposed to help me with my crave for Models Own Beetlejuices :P

The Absolute queen of the bunch is blue holo in the center. I put it on straight away. Applies nicely but requires at least three coats. Me wearing three in the first pic. I knew it would take more layers than I've used to, willing to do that for this polish gladly. Put Diamont top coat by Nubar over it and it was completely touchable within half an hour.

Now that I got a queen for my blue polishes I can finally get over my blue season?


  1. What a beautiful polish (and congrats on getting those lemmings!! :D)

  2. I never get bored of holos and that blue is amazing.

  3. Nubar is such a great brand, so congrats on getting your hands on these! :)

  4. Thank you all! It´s somehow happy and sad at the same time to get something that's been on the list for so long :)


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