Orange Fizz for Halloween

The only orange I own(ed) for Halloween... Orange Fizz by Wet 'n' Wild . I haven't been wearing this one a lot: very thick and creamy. Also I think it looks nicer on shorter nails. Now that I chopped off quite a bit of length from the tips I feel more comfortable wearing this kind of colors.

The days are so dark, it's getting so gloomy... The grass looks nice and green in this pic but it actually is covered by brown leaves. I wish the snow would come already. I want to sit back and enjoy spicy hot drinks and paint my nails in spicy hot colors...

Have a great week,
trick or treat :)


Dracula dresses up for Halloween

Here's a look I sketched for Halloween a while back. I'd almost misplaced the pics, it was so long ago I took them! I made this originally for Migi Nail Art contest but decided against sending them. I thought the design was too plain. The shimmering blue color itself is fab as you can see above. But when you were told to use only Migi products and my colors were so not even close to Halloween... Copper had to substitute for orange and the result was  quite blah. Spiders, webs, you've seen it all before.

So I came up with a story:

You'd think Count Dracula was pleased it was Halloween: time for evil spirits and all. But no. This vampire lord was sad. Sad because everyone else could dress up as they pleased and he just had to be himself, all the time, all year around. This time, he decided, he'd dress up too! He wanted to be something very differend from his very presence - so he dressed himself as pumpkin.

Hence the "orange" suit here ^^

I'm wearing orange nails right now but can't seem to get decent pictures of them. No sun, no light. I'll upload them later if I get a good shot.

Have a great weekend!


31 Day Challenge in retrospective! - Colors

This is such a cool nail art challenge. I really enjoy reading other bloggers inputs, for example on Chalkboard nails. I just don't know who started it? If you do, let me know in the comments - I'd love to give credits. First ten days are about colors, the next ten about patterns and last ten about inspiration.

I change my manicure just a few times in a month, so it would take me like a year to complete it... But I was curious to see if my blog is as versatile. Also so many readers have joined the blog since last year so how about some reminiscing?

I dug up my old looks, to fill the first parts of the challenge in retrospective!

Please click the links to get to each post:

Day 1 Red: My favorite red, also on my most popular posts Contempo by Nubar

Day 2 Orange: My (holo) franken back from July

Day 3 Yellow: Yellow Sparkle by Nivea

Day 4 Green: Lime Time by Wet'n'Wild

Day 5 Blue: This one was so hard to pick... I have so many favorite blues I've wore! But I'm really proud of my Tiffany Blue franken from last summer.

Day 6 Violet: I made a comparison manicure with Lilac Dream by La Femme Beauty and Lilac by Eyeko last January that I ended up wearing for days - was so cute! See it here

Day 7 Black and white: As a frenchie on the tips .

Day 8 Metallic: My twist on Ruffian manicure last year with Millennium by China Glaze

Day 9 Rainbow: Cutie Rainbow nail art also from 2010 here.

Day 10 Gradient: My favorite gradient to date, from December 2009 here .

Now I see I have too few orange manicures (that can be changed easily, come Halloween...) and really too many blues to keep it under the same label as green! Will have to start to re-organize my tags soon...

Thanks for stopping by :)


Autumn Nails II with CC Alias sparkled up

Alias by Color Club was a big dissapointment for me. I expected to see a range of colors with this: green flash, gold and red sparkle, smoothly sifting and twinkling... After seeing these swatches by The Polished Perfectionist I was sure to find them from this bottle.

No matter how I turned my hand against the light, away from the light, on the shadows, turning more lights on, chasing sun... It just stayed purple. Dark and gloomy purple. Sometimes looking more black than purple. And it's sheer. This is what I got after 4 coats and dozens of photos:

Something that leans to dark green... somewhere in there... The sparkle is nice though.

But I want to be able to see some magic live and not just on the macro-shots :(

I desperately wanted more color, so I grabbed a bottle of Rainbow, a beautiful flakie by GOSH (see it over black here) and applied it over the whole nail. For the tips I still wanted green so I went for It's not Rocket Science by Orly (that I used just recently the same way).

Now that's more like it! This kind of show I wanted on my nails!

Now it reminds me of a grass with fallen golden leaves and a night sky just before dark. Interesting to look at from any angle - even on a rainy day such as this :)


Bright Lights with Glitter Gal Green holo

I got my first Glitter Gal - green 3D/holo. It doesn't amazingly differ from the regular silver holos I've used (CG OMG, Color Club WTR) but enough to melt my heart :)

The holo effect is really strong in this. It applies beautifully - but seemed to take more time to dry than the above mentioned silver holos I have. Along with it I got "white" Light as a Feather 3D/holo by Glitter Gal and Tristam by A-England.

Tristam was a bit of a dissapointment to me. The effect on the nail was next to nothing.After I applied it (tested on just a few nails, no pics this time) hours before bedtime, I woke up with sheet marks... The rainbow is still there in the bottle.

Inspiration to these nails came not only from this haul but also from this song "Bright Lights". Moreover, from the background setting on this live performance - the curtains and lights. Plus I really wanted to get this guy singing in my blog. This is one of the few modern songs that get me all emotional. The singer is Finnish Idol Koop Arponen.

Have a great weekend!


Never too busy to shop...

When time is short to paint the nails, shop some more stuff... I do. I got me some Color Club polishes that have been on my wishlist, from CesarShop's sale. Here are Alias, Love 'em Leave 'em and She's Sooo glam.

Someone might say I have too many pinks but this one has been on my wishlist for a long time. She's like a friend, seeing her so many times on other blogs and writing her name down on my wishlists... When the sale came I had to ask her to stay with me.

Here's also Alias from another angle. I don't wear dark polish often but next time I do there's something exciting to try because of this.

Love 'em... I knew I needed but seeing it live really stunned me. I tried it quickly over my thumb nail and it's absolutely amazing. No pictures I've seen do justice to it.

Here are rubber 3d nail art stickers...

I might have to start making pedicures more frequently too to use up all the nail art stuff that´s piling up... Here are cool nail tattoos I got as a freebie with the order:

I also got something from ELF sale... There was no Jade still, so I took the only polishes I didn't already have and still wanted to get - along with a random selection of Shimmering Facial Whips and eyeliners. Here are Dark Navy and Glitter Glam

I do have manicures planned, not going to let the bottles collect dust. I promised myself not to buy any more polishes before I can organize their storage. Still one more holo haul ahead...

Besides the holo action which will end up on my nails next, there's also a halloween design I've been working on (for a video).

See you soon with some nail art :)