Pink and Green Funky French Nails

Inspired by food... Well not exactly, but by food packaging. To me the lime green and pink looked pretty and fresh together so I decided to combine them in my nails... I didn´t have matching green but grabbed a neon green instead. In these photos it looks much lighter than it actually is.

Here's the packaging (frozen vegetables) and the stuff I used. A dotting tool for the flowers and a needle to drag them as well as to make the tiny dots. In skilled hands with stamping set this package would inspire very beautiful manicures I'm sure. Mine is more of a quick sample. I had been wearing this base polish for a week on it's own so this design was to get the last out of it before changing to another color.

A bit of a brighter side for a change!

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Autumn Nails with CC and Orly

Pairing up these two, It´s Not Rocket Science by Orly and Wild and Willing by Color Club, was on my mind already when I placed an order for them. They both remind me of Autumn and look good with gold.

This design was by far the hardest ever to capture on camera due to duochrome effect! But the close up shows the shades without too many reflections.

I used diamond shaped golden glitter applied with clear top coat and a dotting tool. Not being too precise with the rows but placing them to line the tip. Really easy design but the gorgeous polishes make it interesting to look at from every angle.

I really feel like the summer's coming to an end. The schools start next week, it´s been raining more than in months, the grass is not growing anymore, the blackcurrants and other berries are ripe, the nights are getting darker... The most alarming sign of autumn is that I need socks. I love being bare feet, love to wear sandals. Now it's getting so much colder I need to put on the socks straight after the shower.

I will miss summer and being free from (most) schedules. Now the weekends start to get more meaning again, which is nice in a way.

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It's Not Rocket Science by Orly + Matte version with GOSH

This polish has been waiting for me to wear it for nearly two months now. I thought this would be fitting to late-summer manicures, when sun is still high but you can smell the end of summer already. It's Not Rocket Science by Orly here with 3 thin coats.

It's surprisingly light to wear allthough it's packed with golden sparkle. A really gorgeous color on it´s own. But not the kind that would suit my skintone very well. I think this is one of those polishes that looks better on me when the light tanning has faded and I'm more pale.

I placed an order to a finnish web boutique Sokos last month and got me some cosmetics from their summer sale. I did took a pic of the haul but somehow accidentally deleted the pics! I actually thought I had transferred them already to my PC... But I'll show the products as I try them on. The chocolate bar I got for free has been eaten of course LOL This Matte Top Coat by GOSH was in the lot as well as some other polishes and lip glosses.

This matte top coat was quite slow to dry compared to the ones I own from Orly and Rimmel but the finish is flawless. It's always fun to mattify sparkling polishes and this one translates beautifully to matte finish.

Which version do you prefer: shiny or matte?

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Suomeksi lisäys: Sokoksen verkkokaupassa oli kesäalessa GOSHin lakkoja ja tämä mattapäällyslakka on yksi niistä joita sai alle 3 eurolla. Vaikutti kyllä olevan hintansa väärti; iso pullo ja moitteeton lopputulos, vaikka hitaanlaisesti kuivuikin kynsillä.


Pretty in Platinum by Color Club + Tutti Frutti by Maybelline Colorama

I needed a new "canvas" polish for layer plays so I tossed this Pretty in Platinum in my previous order from TD. I used to layer plain white and white shimmer for this kind of pearly base before I ran out of the latter. Now 2 coats of PiP will do it :)

My eldest daughter wanted to surprise me with a bottle of polish: Tutti Frutti by Maybelline Colorama. To please her I layered it with PiP - which I'd been wearing for a few days already - and it all ended up looking very princess-y. It´s true I wouldn't have bought this polish myself but she was so thoughtful to buy it, making sure it's something I don't already have LOL

This is two coats of PiP with two coats of Tutti Frutti. You can see the pale pink and glitter better here in the shadow. The color is like soft lilac. I used this same sweet combo on my pedicure too.

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