Baby Blanket Nails

Here's a look inspired by this soft colored baby blanket. I used Claire's pastels for the patches. The base color is Ancient Jade which was a dead-on match to the blankett base. I sponged lilac, yellow, blue and apricot as patches with eyeshadow applicator and "stitched" with pearl white nail art pen.

The finish is soft like baby powder due to sponging. I didn't want to put glossy top coat over it. Might add a matte top later.

It's a quick free-hand look so to some extent it reminds me of kids watercoloring LOL

Back to more defined and vibrant style next time :)


Ancient Jade by Orly

I'm slowly but surely going through the lacquers I ordered last month (pic here). I already had many colors similar to Ancient Jade but wanted to try it anyway. Prior to this I had only finishing products by Orly.

The coverage in this is very good. If my nails were shorter one carefully applied coat would've been enough! Here's two coats.

It's really creamy. It doesn´t make the nails feel hard but rather like after you've put hand cream on! Somewhat elastic... Almost like it was conditioning... which apparently it's not. It is big 3 free though (no DBP, toluene or formaldehyde).

It has nice gloss, dries fast and the tone is truely set for summer. Definitely makes me want to try more lacquers from Orly :)


Top 10 Makeup products / Nail art blogs

I got a TOP 10 award from Annie of Polish This! a while back. Kiitos Annie!

I haven´t really talked much about other makeup besides nail polish for a while so this was a fun tag to do :)

The Top 10 award rules are:
1. Thank the person who tagged you and link to their blog.
2. Put the Top 10 Award logo on your blog.
3. List your top 10 cosmetics.
4. Choose 10 bloggers to tag, link to their blogs, and let them know.

My favorite foundations are from US based mineral companies:
1. Lumiere Flawless Finish Pictured here the shade I use + a colorless base that can be used to lighten the shade (winter time).
2. The other brand is Lauress in Elemental finish. I´ve gone through many brands and these are by far my favorites. I don´t use any other base products, I get good coverage with these - thanks to the great kabukis also (don't count them in my top 10, they´re just tools :P).

I hate getting lipstick to my teeth so I prefer to use lip gloss. My favorites are:

3. Eyeko Fat Balm in Strawberry. Just the right amount of tint for my taste in an everyday look.
4. Lumiere Lumi Lips in Holy Grail. I have many sample sized Lumi Lips but this is the most wearable color for me.
and a very old Maybelline Liquid Diamonds - the text has faded but I think it was called Strawberry Fields?? It's a really natural and sweet color with a bit of golden shimmer when I want a hint of extra glam.

After listing these I felt like placing an order for some new lip products. It would be safe to toss that old Maybelline away anyway :D

6. Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner in 002 Absolute Brown (waterproof). It's almost finished and I need to find me a new eye liner. Might try Graffiti liner by Eyeko next (the black one seems to be the Ambassador-gift this week! For code:
7. Sensai 38 mascara. I use mascara so rarely I still haven't opened the one from Eyeko.
8. Lumiere cream shadow in Immortal. I can't find it from the site anymore. I hope it's not discontinued since it's a really gorgeous metallic champagne-like shade for any occasion...

9. Lumiere M-pressed blush in Guava. I like this little container so much - you can turn it over and find a tiny mirror under the other lid! I have sooo many mineral blushes but this one is easy to toss in the bag so I use it most often.
10. Lauress Gem Ligths in Charisma, described as "creamy apricot" (an "eyebright" but I use it on my cheeks too).

I'll make another list of my favorite nail products later. Otherwise this list would've been mostly nail related LOL

Now I get to choose who I'll tag... This is a great opportunity to share some less-known, very inspirational nail art blogs. Be sure to check them out :)
(blogs in no particular order):

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Perfect set of nails

This July I haven't had much time for blogging... I've been admiring this perfect set of tiny nails :)

I welcomed our baby girl to the world with these new-to-me girls by Zoya - going in to labour with Charla on my toes and Phoebe on my fingernails. No pics of that, don´t worry LOL Charla made it through the challenge very well but Phoebe started chipping off quite fast. Very understandable for it being a matte finish.

Here´s the cutie I get to wake up next to now - several times a night LOL

I'm not about to put the blog on the hold - I actually have more "free" time now on my maternity leave than I had while still working. I might have to reach for fast-drying top coats more often... but I won´t stop playing with colors. Such fun to be able to see my toes again and reach to them for a fun pedicure too!

Thank you for your lovely comments. I see some new faces here on GFC too - welcome all :)