Black n yellow flower nails...

Something fun and crazy for a change... I couldn't remember the last time I wore yellow polish so it´s about a time to put it in use. With plenty of dots!

I have very few yellows so to achieve bright look I made this is into a layer play with Twilight by Wild and Crazy Colors - the same I used on the Flame nails - and Yellow Sparkle by Nivea (<- layered with white on that post).

Then I painted the tip black and added 5-dotted circles. White on the tips is pure white but on the flowers I used Cool Breeze by Nubar. I topped the dots on the tips with it finally too. Can´t remember when - if ever - I've used so many layers of paint, counting from the base to the nail art! But the drying time wasn´t an issue when in fact I painted the base yesterday and did the tips and dots today.

It's far from the looks I've been wearing lately but I kind of like the playful result - even when it lacks the glam-effect :)

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Fashion Addict by Color Club

It´s been a long time since I wore any nail art... Sometimes with new polishes like this one, Fashion Addict by Color Club, I get so stunned I can´t think of ways to improve it.

I thought of leopard spots and all but I like it's other modest side too which presents itself in the shadow: then it's very delicate lilac with shimmer (the "new version").

I've had this polish on my shopping list for the longest time but somehow never took it to the counters with me. Now I think this will become one of those colors I want to have an extra bottle with me!

This might be a good bridal look too: it's equally beautiful on short and long nails. It has enough shimmer to not to seem dull on the shadows but is classy at the same time.

Happy Midsummer´s Eve!

Hauskaa Juhannusaikaa kaikille :)


Cosmic by Eyeko with CND effects - even cooler!

I decided not to change my polish until I receive the new polishes - so I've been wearing Cosmic polish for a straight week now! With black on I wanted to try CND Effects right away over it. This is Ice Blue Shimmer.

It doesn't hide the holo but adds some mystery to "the space"! /click to view them bigger/

The tipwear is obvious at this point (7 days) so I had to do some major cropping to keep the pics neat. But from the close ups you see the effects best anyway :)

It's really like staring into space... In direct sunlight black original stays glossy and gorgeous where "the effected one" looks almost metallic!

Which version to you is more cosmic?


Shimmer for the Summer with TD haul

I expect to create lots of effects with these new lovelies from Transdesign...

I've never had Orly polish before, only top coats (Matte Top, Magnifique) and Ridge Filler (didn't like). The colors just never called out that much for me although I love the design of the bottle with the very handy cap. CND effects are new products for me too. Color Club I know and trust and they have great color selection... and price :)

Color Club: Wicked Sweet, Wink wink twinkle, Wild and Willing, Pretty in Platinum and Fashion Addict.

Fashion Addict has been on my wishlist for the longest time and it's sooo gorgeous! I did my daughter's nails with it as soon as I opened the package - but she smudged them before the shots so I'll post proper pics later. Pretty in Platinum comes to replace LCN 265 which I've used up.

The rest: Creative CND effects with Sapphire Sparkle and Ice Blue Shimmer. I thought I'd use them to tweak some warm toned polishes cooler.

By Orly Ancient Jade and It's not Rocket Science. I really needed the latter after seeing so many great swatches. Ancient Jade was just something I tossed in at the last moment to make my shopping bag look more summery - had to have one soft shade too LOL

Now I have 2 Zoyas on their way to me (can't wait!). After that I'll have to start building up a new wishlist! There's just one polish I really really need to get this summer after these: Blue Hydrangea by Nubar. Then I'll start shopping clothes and shoes to match - I definitely need more blue in my closet ^^

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Some effects coming up before the weekend :)


Cosmic Polish by Eyeko

It felt strange applying black polish while it's so hot and bright outside... but I really wanted to try this one out. And this is like no other black; this one enjoys to shine along with the sun. It's my new Cosmic Polish by Eyeko.

It contains holographic microglitter that really creates an illusion of a space. Inside or on the shadow it looks like fine silver shimmer on black.

I applied 2 coats. No top coat here but I'll add a layer later because I can feel the glitter on the surface and I want it to stay glossy.

This has been on my wishlist for a long time and when they had an offer of one free nail polish with a new order I jumped at the chance and got this with Liptastik lip pen. Out of all the Eyeko polishes I still want Vampira. Good to have a shopping list ready for the next time...

This week over at Eyeko they'll offer free Coral nail polish (check it out here) with every order over 18e / $20 with a code E13919.
With free shipping to Europe, and worldwide free shipping on orders over $55 :)

Have a relaxing weekend!


Quick Dots

Here's a quick dotted look over the Orange franken. I wanted something simple to go along with my brown/white summer dress before facing the heat wave (it's so warm, finally!!!). Lined dots was the first thing that came to my mind. Done with nail art pens, Nail Star brown and Enamel Art 1000 white.

Here's a shadow pic where you can see how "burned" the tone is with less light. Sadly topcoat killed some of the holoness and it now looks more of golden shimmer...

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Have a great day!


Orange (holo) franken

Another franken to Doo's inofficial Summer Collection... I realized I don't want to ship just one bottle to my sister. I know she's been into orange nail polish lately so why not try an orange holoish color too to ship to her?

I like this one better than the Light Coral one. The holo is more defined for there's no extra glitter or shimmer on the colored polish I used this time. The consistency too is way better! Though after making this I tweaked the Light Coral too a bit by adding more holo so they are more like twins and the other one is not outshined LOL

This is with no top coat.

I used Orange Fizz by Wet'n'Wild (you can see how bright it is here) and for the holo Worth The Risque by Color Club. Nothing else!

This is more of a late summer color I think. The shade is a bit of a burned orange so would probably look good with some tan. Can't wait for my sister to wear it. She has completely differend undertones and I know she wears orange well.

I might have to complete this "mini collection" with a third franken now that I started... I just can't think of what kind of polish should that be... Do you have any suggestions?


Light Coral (holo) franken

Here's one for my sister ;) I thought I'd make a franken for her: one that would suit her skintone, a holographic one because I've had a holo-fever for the past few days myself.

The whole frankening has been on my mind since I saw the competition announcement and then the entries of frankening contest on More Nail Polish blog. Amazing entries, go and cast your votes! I still haven't been able to pick my favorite - there are just too many great ones :)

I whipped this up this morning. Not as striking as the entries on More Nail Polish but I thought my sister would like this...

I used neutral Blushing by Creative, orange shimmer polish Capricorn by Wild and Crazy and then silver holo Worth the Risque by Color Club. I wasn't sure how it all would translate on the nail so I was maybe even too careful with the holo. Could have added more holo, but then again the base is so subtle it blends in quite a lot.

Here is two coats of the franken,with a top coat (Orly) to even up the thick texture provided by old Blushing.

Not the best color for my skintone but I bet this is going to look great on my sister. She had coral polish the last time we met and I still regret not taking pictures of her hands!

She got more nail polish to her make up collection yesterday from her special one and I immeadiately ordered swatch pictures from her. This is my bribe to her that she really swatches them for me LOL

Hope you've had a great weekend!

See you soon with some nail art :)