Treats for my sweets - true nail candy Khandies!

Have you heard of "Khandies"? I stumbled upon them by accident really, while stocking up mineral makeup from Lumiere Cosmetics. Lumiere have this great section on their site called "Gift with Purchase". My total ended up being over 30 dollars so I got to choose a set of these mysterious khandies for free. They are these tiny balls wrapped like sweets and they smell too good...

For my free gift I chose Dessert Mix with Carrot Cake, Italian Biscotti and Pumpkin Cheesecake. There's a warning on the package - and I really needed to be reminded of it because the scent was so delicious:

"Remember, these may look yummy, but they are not for the tummy!"

What you do with khandies you first wash your hands with lukewarm water, then you take one ball (or cut a piece of it - it'll last many uses) and massage it on your hands. It has sugar and natural oils in it: the sugar gently softens the skin and the oils lock in the moisture. After a minute or two you rinse your hands, pat them dry and won't believe how soft your hands are!

INCI: Sucrose, Coco butter, Mango Seed Butter, Rice Bran Oil,
Apricot and or Soy Wax, Coconut Milk Powder, Fragrance Oils

On the site khandies are also sold separately (1 usd per treat or 8 usd per ten treats): here. The variety of scents is wide - There's even a scent called "black" for men. I don't yet know how it's like but I suspect it could smell a bit like leather..?

Here's the rest of the lot:The big jars on the background are mineral makeup foundations - one for me and one for my mom in Flawless Face -finish. The small jar is a gel liner for eyes in Magnetism. I also got Try me! -sample baggie (choose any 5 colors) for 0.01 dollars... It's sold under "Specials". I chose some new-to-me foundation options and blush shades to try :)

Now that my hands are all pampered I'll have to paint the nails in some soft shade... Pics coming up a bit later...


Piglet Nails with Happy Pink

Yet another pink look for the season of love... This is my free-style Piglet on a base I'd yet to try: a glossy Happy Pink by H&M nail polish.

The lighter color on the tip is #8 Angel Touch by Lumene - it softened up as well as added shimmer to the base color just enough to make it a bit "frosty" looking. The defining line is painted with Nail Star nail art color. The stars are from this wheel I bought from eBay quite a while ago and I used Rimmel Wear Maxx top coat to attach them.

It took me about 3 coats to get Happy Pink this opaque. On it's own it's really glossy - a jelly finish then?

I've been wearing it on my toes for weeks now because it looks so delicious :P

Yeah the Piglet is not very pro - but the pinkiness on this look just screamed for more Oink oink to lessen the princess-effect and over-sweetness :)

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Glittery Valentine's with Katy Perry and a Teenage Dream

Here's my look for the Valentine's Day - I got the O.P.I's Katy Perry lacquers just in time for this :)

I've been wearing China Glaze's Millennium with various combos for the past week, so I thought that would be a great base to start layering with Teenage Dream. The holographic LOVE on the ringfinger is a sticker (see here).

Glitttterrrrr.... The ringfinger is actually more me than the whole glittered nail but I had to try and seen how it looks as a whole manicure. It looks really cool from the distance, the whole sparkle and bling.

As you probably noticed, I've had to file down length on my nails quite a bit. I'm trying to get used to seeing them this short. But in any case it makes the french tips look more subtle than with very long nails. Have to try to appreciate the change :)

Here's the look with more sun outdoors...

Here's my whole new Katy Perry Collection. I only got the mini kit. I've actually never owned mini-O.P.I.'s before. They're so cute! I ordered these from Asos.com almost by accident... I didn't plan to buy this kit, but then I couldn't make myself to order just one pair of boots so I started browsing the beauty section... and then went on to Scrangie's to see her swatches of them and fell in love...

Nämä Katy Perryt on vaatekauppa Asokselta. En ihan ymmärrä, miksi osa lakoista on lentokiellossa Suomeen (kuten Illamasqua ja yksittäiset isot OPIt!), mutta osaa voi tilata. Onneksi satuin klikkailemaan kynsilakkaosastoa ja näissä kuitenkin oli tilausmahdollisuus. Sain sitten kenkätilauksen oheen vähän uutuuslakkaakin :)

Have a great weekend
a sweet upcoming Valentine's Day!


Kelier Crackle with CG Millennium

My first black crackle polish, yeah finally! I first tried to get my hands on black crackle polish a bit over a year ago - then I could only find a white one. "Back then" there were no other crackle brands available than the one on Transdesign - remember? It's a funny thing it became a trend later in 2010 and now there seems to be practically no brand without a crackle polish!

I got this Kelier black crackle polish for a review from Bornprettystore.com . I do like the results :)

As you've probably read from elsewhere too, the density of cracks depends on the dry time and thickness of both the base color and the crackle polish. This look here is made with a one slowly applied stripe of black crackle polish over recently polished nails. No top coat.

I'm excited to try out differend kind of patterns to use with this black crackle... Maybe I should try black crackle french with it also. See my white frenchies here: first try with pink and white and second try with blue and white.

Other new products to get familiar with coming up soon.

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