Pastel Birthday Nails

Some fantasy nails for a change: one of my girls had a birthday and it inspired me to use the softest of shades :)

The base is Lemon Fizz by China Glaze. Accent colors are Baby Blue by Models Own and this pink nail art pen by Nail Star (the big lot I got from eBay).

The motives from left to right: a smiling cloud, just an abstract pattern, on my middle finger that's hearts and dots and next to it an ixe cream cone.

And the cream cake I baked for the big day :)

Hope you're having a great weekend!


Lilac Polish by Eyeko

Here's the sweet Lilac Polish from Eyeko. I paired it with Lilac Dream by La Femme Beauty to compare the two. You've seen that one previously here: Lilac Dream for Mom's Day. As you can see, Eyeko's lilac is more cold toned. I have it on my midfinger and pinky.

Both are quite opaque: it took me one thick coat - or two thinner coats on some fingers - to achieve this :)
I just thought of swatching these together but I liked the combo too much to take it off! It reminds me of a blueberry smoothie... :P


New Haul - pastel colors!

(Suomea alempana) It's been a long time since the last time I bought new polishes. So... Here they are in three's, as usual. I don't know why I can't seem to by them in pairs or something, instead LOL!

First I placed an order to Eyeko . My very first Eyeko order and Eyeko nail polish as well. I saw Fat Balms on someone's blog and thought they might be my kind of lip products - and they are :)
I'll swatch them a bit later on my wrist if you like (no modelling lips here, sorry). This is 3-pack with "Cult classics": Mint, Strawberry and Raspberry.

The other products on the pic are from "Eyeko Vip Set" . It includes the Vintage polish and Petite polish, Magic mascara, Graffiti eyeliner and London lips. And also a pretty cotton bag with the logo. Now I got 2 strawberry Fat Balms for there was one in this Vip set also - but it's my favorite one out of the 3-pack so I'm not quite sure if I'll give it to a friend or keep it as a backup :)

Here are the cute nail polish bottles. I think I'm all tuned to the Spring, for I've been lemming for Vampira for very very long time and yet I picked these pretty soft tones to the basket. The middle one is Lilac polish - at the time I placed the order it was offered as an "Offer of the week" for free.

You can always find the featured gift product on the main page for orders over £15 / $18 / e15. And free shipping for orders over £35 $55 Wordwide!

I got an Embassador Code from them, one that grants you a free gift: E13919

Ensimmäinen tilaukseni Eyekolta - nämä tuotteet on niin suloisia pakkausta ja tuoksua myöden! Toimitus tuli Briteistä nopsasti alle viikossa ja ilman toimituskuluja. Kaupanpäällisinä tuli tuo Lilac -lakka.

Tykkään kun eurooppalaisissakin kaupoissa alkaa olla PayPal-maksu, koska jotenkin se tuntuu parhaalta tavalta hoitaa maksut ulkomaille.

Tosiaan tuo ilmainen postitus on ihana houkutin tehdä pienempikin tilaus kerralla, ja tullimaksujahan ei tässä tarvitse miettiä ollenkaan kun EU-aluetta on. Viikon kaupanpäällinen on se toinen houkutin tehdä tilauksia vaikka tiheämpäänkin. Sain Embassador koodin, jota käyttämällä saa tilaukseen ilmaisen lahjan: E13919

Vain yhdestä asiasta valittaisin: tuotevalikoima saisi olla vielä laajempi. Mutta kynsilakoissa on mielenkiintoisia sävyjä kokeiltavaksi. Toivelistallani on tällä hetkellä ainakin Vampira, Rain ja Posh.

These are my new Models Owns Pastel pink and Baby blue + a Wet'n'Wild Rain Check. Bought from a local clothing store Seppälä, which is my favorite nail polish source.

With the MO's I got the free buffer file. The file doesn't feel good on my hand; it's hard to get a good grip of it. I guess I'm just used to more flat buffers.

Seppälästä sai nämä ostaessani aina 2 Models Own lakan ostaja tuon buffer-viilan kaupan päälle. En itse ihastunut tämän "taikaviilan" muotoon, tuntui jotenkin kömpelöltä käyttää. Onneksi se oli ilmainen niin ei yhtään harmita, tulipa kokeiltua tämäkin :)

After the black tips I wore on the last post, I wore just regular white french tips. Not even a decent photo of them, they were quite boring. I kept on searching for my Konad set to give them a good stamping for a change but I seem to have misplaced my stamper! I did find the plates though. Have to clean up the closets and gather all the nail stuff together again. They seem to be everywhere but in the tool box I have for them... But luckily now I have these new nail colors to play with again. And one day, I will get a group pic of my stash.

See you with Eyeko-nails tomorrow :)


Black french manicure

It's been a long time since I wore french tips. But this is what I came up with for this week. It's black and white design with Migi Nail Art pens: pointed stripes and rows of dots that get smaller towards the tip. For the base colour over the whole nail I laid a coat of Ticklish Toes, a whitish, very wintery shimmer by Wild and Crazy.

I like designs that look differend from another angle. These look like stripes when you see them from the "pinkie" and dotted when you look them from the thumb forward...

When I'd done this and looked it through the camera lens I thought there was something familiar to it. I had to go through my YouTube "french nails with a twist" playlist to figure out who might have inspired them...

This is what I found. It's not that similar, I mean the tip in the video is v-shaped and the colors are differend, the angle of stripes is not aimed as pointy and the dots compliment the stripes - not the tip form as in my version. Also the number of stripes is fewer as well as the dots obviously. I think it has inspired me although I wasn't aware of it while painting. It's interesting how the things we idolize do have an impact on us whether we acknowledge it or not.

The video above is by The Queen Eileen and you can find her great nail art channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheQueenEileen

Here's a shot of my nails from the front. When I look down on them I see mostly dots whereas other see the striped side :)

I did wear them for the first half of the week and got many compliments. For the rest of the week I've been wearing regular white french tips. I hope the sun decides to show up tomorrow so I can take pics of that look too.

Have a great weekend!


Black Velvet by Mavala

Here's Black Velvet by Mavala, the polish I used as a base for Bluebelle in my previous mani.

As you can tell it's a very very dark almost-black color with a flash of purple. This is 2 coats of color if not just 1, so it's very opaque. Application is easy which is good, because if it ends up on the skin it's quite a smudge. It's also super shiny. I have no top coat on these. The accent stripe is Pure Gold by Nivea. These photos are taken back in August or sometime around it, when sun was still with us...

If the bottle looks small - well it is - but my nails were quite long back then too. I remember cutting a bit down after these pics.

In this thumb pic you can see the color through the bottle. A bit more of that purple on the nail would be great. I should try this one mattified - it could lend more of that underlying shimmer when the shine is blocked?

Have a great weekend :)


Bluebelle by Models Own (over dark base)

I couldn't wait to show you this! It's a blue glitter from Models Own - my very first Models Own - called Bluebelle.

You know I have no patience for laying 3-4 coats to have a good coverage, so I first painted the nails dark with Black Velvet by Mavala and then added a coat of Bluebelle.

Just one coat dark base + one coat Bluebelle and look at it!

Reminds me of space with twinkling stars... enchanting...

I must admit I was afraid it would be just another glitter blur. But the glitter is just fine enough to spread nicely on the nail without losing it's magical reflecting effect. It's not grainy. Diamont Top Coat by Nubar over the whole nail for the finish.

I usually worry about removing glitter polish, especially a dark one like this. But I don't this time. Nor am I in any hurry to do that :D

I just realised I have yet to post pics of plain Black Velvet by Mavala. I remember shooting them after Summer. I'll get back to them when I locate them from the files... :)


3 x Rimmel for Mattified Pink Mani

I got three Rimmel products at once, for the third one was free. So I wanted to combine all my new Rimmels to this look: 5in1 Base Coat, Portobello Pink and Matte Finish.

I like the base coat, although it's quite thin. My nail surface is not very uneven so I don't even need a ridgefiller. But time will tell how this works as a protection against yellowing which is my main concern. I have many many top coats but I've never really asked much from the base coat (Sometimes I skip using it completely, shhhhh...).

I was surprised how well the matte effect blocked the shine. I expected a more satin look like with Orly's Matte Top - but this Matte Finish was better in my opinion. At least in this combo.

I don't remember having a matte pink look before so it's a nice change. The dark pics don't do it justice so I'll spare you from more pictures this time. Here are the other Rimmels though:

Thanks for stopping by!


Go Crazy over Portobello Pink

That is: Portobello Pink by Rimmel as a base color, Go Crazy by Lumene Natural Code as a highlight color. The Lumene is so sheer it shows as golden green on pink. And the pink shows as more neon due to green accent - though it's not really neon.

I just wiped the stripes with Go Crazy's own brush, starting from the sides and angling the brush to paint more narrow line towards the center. Not the most original idea as a pattern yeah, but a new color combo to use it in make it fresh. I've used it black on white and black on orange designs before, in safari-like combos. I like the effect in this as it reminds me of a bright garden with golden-green leaves...

I thought of a way to soften up the look a bit with new stuff I bought with these colors... I'll show you with the pics in the next post :)


Portobello Pink by Rimmel + other new polishes

Lately I haven't been shopping much cosmetics. Nor even clothes. Now I'm feeling a new buzz again so let's see what happens...

Anyway, if I was to buy some polish it had to be pink, right? This one is Portobello Pink by Rimmel.

This polish is really opaque and for drying in 60 seconds it's a beauty. The wide brush is not my favorite kind, but the consistancy in this is so good I find it easier to use than O.P.I.'s wide brush.

It's a sweet color but in a berry-kind-of-way: not too "sugary" in my opinion. I should show my pinks side by side some time to give a better comparison.

Here are the rest of the haul: H&M nail polish, Models Own Bluebelle (my first and only one), Lumene Natural Code: 12 Go Crazy and 16 Go Glittery

In my next post I'll show you which one of these I'm going to use as an accent color on Portobello Pink :)


Batman Nails + Another Idol

Here are my Halloween nails in a cartoon spirit: A Batman-logo made with Migi nail art pens black and shimmering gold. And the funky wig I bought to give my kids a scare: they really thought I had cut and dyed my (naturally long and brown) hair!

Mostly my girls were excited about the look for their big idol is Stephanie from Lazy Town. You know Lazy Town, with Sportacus?

Surely you know Sportacus?? My idol, a man in a mission - in real life too :)

I just think he should make a workout video for the mom's too...

Tomorrow more on the same color theme: one haul from months back with Portobello Pink :)

New Migis for Contest Prize

Few months back I was too busy to even check my blogmail (yahoo) let alone keep up with others' posts on blogs and YouTube. Imagine my surprise when I checked my mail in a hurry (and a bit kranky) - and there was a note from Migi declaring I had won a free set of Migi Nail Art pens for submitting this picture for their Holiday contest:

Yahoo! "Contest winners" vid on YouTube: here

For the prize I selected Migi Set #100, "Shimmer" gold set with 8-colors. The turquoise and gold were most appealing to me. Though I do wish to own a "Pastel" set #104 one day too...

The picture from:
Select Marketing

I already had regular black, regular white, pearly white and pink nail art pens by Migi. They were also sent me for free during their YouTube campaign last yea... errr... in 2009 :)

I didn't have the screwable rings before this set, so I had just 4 "half-pens". Now with the rings it's much nicer to use them, more steady for the hand when making details. Still it's great you can unscrew them and toss one in the pocket. The size of the tube and width of the brush make them a great quick fix: a Migi fits into the smallest purse for the night out.

I made my Halloween manicure using the gold one with black. I'll be posting mani pics a bit later when I dig them out from the files.

So good to be back :)


New beginnings

Happy New Year everyone! I'm happy to find so many readers here with me though I've been neglecting this blog since the summer. It's been one crazy autumn I tell you that!

One word for the past year: busy.
Thankful for: health
Best thing about 2010: moving on with the studies in August, although it meant... (read on)
Regrets: having so little time for my family, neglecting my friends, living the past months in a buzy bubble
Hopes for 2011: better scheduling -> less stress -> more fun and laughter -> health and happiness.

If I can't keep up with the ridiculous pace I've set for myself I hope I have the strength to slow it down before my body puts a stop to it (like it did back in October).
Promises: take a better care of myself and others, being here now instead of focusing tightly on the future

I enjoy blogging very very much and I can't wait to get back on the tracks posting new pics. I've been storing some during these past few months though the Nordic light (or the lack of it) has been very uninspiring ...and no blooming garden of course due to snow and cold... But I'll be back with them soon and the sun is getting higher each day.

It'll be a fine new year :)