Day 12: Holly

I jump in the 24 Day Challenge with Holly theme. I sent this one over at Pastelliunelmia. for a nail art competition (Finnish only). Wish me luck :) I would've loved to do day 8 with candy canes but will have to come back to that later. Here's how I pictured the theme: french with a twist, Emerald Sparkle by China Glaze and red bright rhinestones.

Please don't freak out my white-appearing fingers, not frozen - just the indoor lighting.

I painted classic french tip with Black Passion by GOSH and made a side swipe with Emerald Sparkle across it. Black Passion seemed like a good pair for it doesn't steal too much attention but neither dulls it down for it has it's own charismatic shimmer (see it plain here). With black nail art liner I sketched the edge like pointy leaf. Rhinestones are glued with long lasting clear polish by Rimmel.

Usually I´m a bit shy pairing up say rhinestones and sport jacket... But this time the combo didn´t bother me at all. French tip with some bare nail is somehow so classic it doesn't argue with normal wear. Though I know some may not agree. I remember a time when I felt too dressed up when I was going to sauna with red nails. Now I feel too naked if I don't have some paint on :D

Have a happy week. Don't stress too much over Christmas :)


  1. This is gorgeous!! What a lovely take on a holly manicure. :D

  2. Yay! Love the look! Much cooler than mine.

  3. The colors are so rich and Christmas vampy!

  4. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! :D

  5. Thank you everyone! I really liked them too, I'm just sorry the pics are so bad for no sunlight.

    Coming next something blue again and then on to true reds :)

  6. Ihastelin näitä kynsiä tässä yksi päivä, miten en oo kommentoinu... Tosi tyylikäs tuo vihreä sävy ja oot koristellu kynnet kauniisti. Tykkään tällasista yksinkertasista, mutta eleganteista (xD) kynsistä. Nämä kävisi hienompiinkiin juhliin. Sääli, että eivät pärjänneet siinä kilpailussa, jossa olit myös mukana. Olisin kyllä äänestänyt näitä kynsiä, jos olisi saanut. :)


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