Another Set of Winter Nails

I know almost everyone is anxiously waiting for Christmas but for me this month seems to fly by too fast. Just ten days left! There's so much to do before Christmas Eve: cooking, baking, cleaning, decorating, wrapping... We haven't even made the greeting cards yet. And I'd really like to do more nail looks for the season. This year the snow came so late it really was hard to tune in to the spirit. But now the snow is here, to stay I hope. I wore these on Independence Day (6th of Dec.)

The colors of our flag and of our winter with blue and white. Basic french tip with white, then wide side swipe with Metallic Blue by GOSH filled with white glitter flakes. First time I used this metallic and it applied really smoothly! It was opaque and streak-free in just one coat. White line following the shape of the side swipe and row of dots lining the tip are with pearl white nail art pen by Migi.

The sun is up just a few hours a day and the days are cloudy so the pictures don't talk so loud, sorry. I wish you could see the pretty light blue rhinestones  - they are like shining ice on snow.

This is a "pair" to my latest Holly manicure with similar funky french shape. I sent them together to the nail art contest, this one representing winter.

I just realized the Christmas Tree day of the 24 Days of Christamas challenge was yesterday but I really want to do that mani, so on to that next. Taking a break from blue manicures and turning to green and red  :)

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  1. WOW!!! :O These are so amazingly beautiful and your talent is so impressive!

  2. Yes, just ten days left... time flies, doesn't it? I've just loved this nail art! Amazing for this season! Even here in Brazil, with all this "god damn hot weather", see your nails so gorgeous... make me think about X-Mas, New Year's Eve and all this kind of stuff. Very elegant!
    Polish Nails, Make-up & Co. (bilingual blog)

  3. love your nails! definitely watching you.
    please check out my sale blog too ^^

  4. Thank you all :)

    I wish I had better pics for you. Sort of depressing to not to be able to take a clear shot. Every December same thing. Oh well, soon we get the sun back. Just a couple of months and it's so bright it hurts the eyes :D

  5. Love all the nail designs so stunning! Noe following your lovely blog! xoxo


  6. the photo with the candle looks really awesome!


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