24 Days of Christmas

Wanted to let you know about a challenge at Paint that Nail : 24 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge. Join the fun! The more inspiration for the season the merrier.

1. Snowfall (lumisade)
2. Snowflakes (lumihiutaleet)
3. Icicles (jääpuikot)
4. Snowman (lumiukko)
5. Snowman face (lumiukon pää)
6. Penguins (pingviinit)
7. Gingerbread Man (piparkakku-ukko)
8. Candy Canes (karkkikepit)
9. Red/green (punavihreä)
10. Poinsettias (joulutähdet)
11. Wreathes (seppele)
12. Holly (orjanlaakeri-koriste)
13. Christmas tree (joulukuusi)
14. Ornaments (koristeet)
15. Presents (lahjapaketit)
16. Lights (jouluvalot)
17. Tinsel/garland (joulunauha)
18. Stockings (joulusukat)
19. Santa hats (tonttulakit)
20. Sleigh or sled (pukin reki)
21. Reindeer (Rudolf) (porot)
22. Elf (tonttu)
23. Santa (pukki)
24. Favorite manicure (oma suosikki)

I did a similar theme-month back in 2009 (some of the looks I'm not so proud of but live and learn :D). It´s really fun and I wish to do it again when I have more time on my hands (literally). Maybe next year?

The list serves as a great inspiration in its own right. I think I'll make at least candy canes and holly out of this list. Here are my recent snowflake nails shot outside, call it day 2 now :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. beautiful! I think it looks very elegant(:

  2. Thank you. I'm so tempted to do more but there just aren't enough days in the month. Must start the seasonal looks earlier next year :)

  3. Just found your blog-can't believe I hadn't found it sooner! These are so cool! Am a new follower!

  4. Hola me encanta tu blog :3 esta super!!!! Si quieres pasate por el mio ^^ te dejo mi url http://just-me-andrea.blogspot.com y hazte miembro! xoxo_A


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