2011 on my nails

I've planned on making a recap like this but never got to it before. Now seeing so many other bloggers do it inspired me to glance back and dig up some looks. Interesting to see some patterns in my actions - one of which is that I bought lots of new lacquers this year and the old ones were left to sit in their storage box. Others being: blue, holographic,

I didn't plan to concentrate on new nail polishes in this entry - but most of these colors were purchased in 2011. I've included links to the original posts.

In 2011 I reached for blue colors more than ever. Starting from Bluebelle by Models Own at the very beginning of the year and going to holo layering experiments with O.P.I. Last Friday Night (Katy Perry).

Then on to true blue holos with 2Nite by CG and also Tristam by A-england which was a bit of a dissapointment for me (see it here). Holographic polishes were always on my mind...

...So I got more holos. Here are Fashion Addict by Color Club and Green by Glitter Gal. Both going straight to my favorites!

I had so many new colors to try and get familiar with, I didn´t do nail art so often as I´ve used to in the past. There were two definite trends on my looks, first one involving french tips. I've always loved my dots and held dear toothpicks that give me just the right-sized round marks. Somewhere along the way I really fell for pearl look on the smile line.

My two favorites with a "string of pearls" were Willow Nails for Easter and Cherry Blossom Nails.

The second trend for me on 2011 was dark base with some definition:

Clover nails matte was my favorite dark look. A simple proof of how you can be inspired by something/someone and give it your own twist to accomplish something quite different. I also found that this Matte Finish by Rimmel performs far better on me than any other matte top coat I've tried.

This is my favorite look this year I think. It's effortless to make and to wear, and to pair with any outfit. Most of you seem to like it too, for this black french manicure quickly became my most popular post this year :)

This year has also brought many new readers through Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin' and through some sweet bloggers' blog rolls . As I'm typing this I just noticed there are 800 of you via GFC, wow! I want to thank you all, old and new friends, for keeping this blog as a friendly place with your sweet and uplifting comments. Thank you for being a positive inspiration!

Did you have other favorites from my nail looks this year?

Any special wishes for 2012?


  1. These are so pretty :D. Those cherry blossoms are awesome!!

  2. I nominated you for the Cute Blog Award. :D

    I only added my blog link to show you to the page where I nominated you.


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