New Layout and Dynamic View

I've been going though new layout options in Blogger and ended up really loving "Dynamic View" - especially Magazine-view. However, it is so dynamic there are no options for sidebars. So I couldn't fit GFC or Bloglovin or any other means of subscribing in it. So I'm back with the old template. Back with a new banner and an updated color theme :)

While playing with Blogger I found that you can visit any blog in a dynamic view. Just try it: add view/magazine after the home url-address. Like in my case http://doo-polishing.blogspot.com/view/magazine. I love how professional it looks. It lets the pictures do talking. Note that this requires latest version of a browser you´re using.

I added this dynamic view-link on the tabs too. There you can select from seven options which way you want to view it. The default view is my favorite: Magazine (see the pic above). You get the main idea of all the latest posts in a single view and can click each post to read more. Snapshot brings you all the pics published on the blog, on the same page. Sidebar lets you in on all the articles in a single view on the left sidebar. Flipcard shows all the posts as clickable thumbnails. There are also Classic, Mosaic and Timeslide views. I think I will be using these views when I visit new blogs, to get a better overall idea of them :)

Have you tried dynamic views? What do you think about them?


  1. I love the magazine view but I too, opted out of it because I could have my sidebar subscribe buttons, etc. Id love to add a top header button that clocks to it, but how?

  2. @ PadgettFarm: Yeah that´s too bad. I wish there was a version available with sidebars showing when the post is clicked open or something like that.

    To add a direct link: go to your Blogger-page, select "pages" -> "new page" and then you get two options: add text or add a link (don't know the exact words it displays 'cos my Blogger works in finnish). If you paste a link to your blog ending with view/magazine to url-section there, then it makes a straight link. You can place it on the sidebar or under the header, it's your choice. Hope this helps :)


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