ELF Mint Cream + with holo on top!

Here's Mint Cream by ELF , my second favorite from ELF nail lacquers. It's thick and pigmented like Coral, but this one is plain creme with no shimmer. Really lovely, fresh and bright on its own. Two coats provide perfect coverage. Here shown alone with no top coat.

However I longed for some shimmer. With all the great self-made holographic polishes out there lately I decided to fill in the void in my holo collection with trying a mint-holo! Glitter Gal's Light as a Feather (supposed to be a white holographic polish) was very sheer so it seemed like a good idea to layer it over a pigmented polish.

Here it is under (very limited) natural light. It toned down some brightness - though not as much as I feared - and replaced it with fine holo shimmer. There is no sun to speak of, so I had to use a flash to capture it better:

It´s so unfair the Glitter Gal is the most expensive polish I've bought (compared to the tiny size of it) and now it could be my way to holy holoness! I'd love to try this over anything but I fear I'll use it up and I must save it for when the sun comes back. That means months of waiting...

I´ve never tried holo top coats but for what I've seen on swatches the holo is much coarser on them and doesn't really translate the finish into a holographic one. So I'm more than happy with what I got with pairing up these two :)


  1. Beautiful colour. Looks great with the holo coat

  2. Super pretty! I would love Light as a Feather but it's more than my wallet can take!

  3. ou wauw! Thats sooo pretty! i love ure nails :D!

    Follow me? i follow back! :)

  4. Great combo, now I want a light mint holo polish xD

  5. i love your nails *-*
    and the polish is pretty, too :)


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