Crowned tips with Tristam

This was my second play date with Tristam by A-england. The first one ended up with ugly sheet marks... So to minimize the possible damage I painted just the tips this time around. That way I could get away with just one coat of polish. "Crown your hands and feet" it says on the bottle, hence kind of crowned french it was. As a base I used Angel Touch (Enkelin kosketus) by Lumene Quick & Chic.

The holo is very beautiful in this. But that´s about all the good words I can put up for this. First time I used it I put on two coats and waited hours before going to sleep. No other polish has let me down like this. When I woke up in the morning the surface was so uneven I could barely look at it let alone take pictures. It looked like deep blue mess.

Painting just the tips this time was a safe way since the consistency is very runny. It doesn't really resemble lacquer at all. It´s so thin it drips down the brush... In a way it enables nail art very well - you take a few drops on a plate and take some on the dotting tool and the drops don't dry too fast so you have time to complete the whole set of nails with it. But it doesn't cover all that well. It's pretty with one coat if you don't look too close - from the backside against the light it looks a bit like water coloring. There you can see the thickness (or lack of it) from the shadow it makes. It looks nice and shiny on the surface now but I feel half-done when I know the color is not even.

I expected so much more from all the raves I've read. I don't have time to paint great many layers and hold my hands up in the air waiting for it to dry. Maybe I got a bad bottle, who knows, but for a polish in this price range I feel really let down. I have to be honest, this is my biggest disappointement to date.

Good news is we just got our first snow! The weather's not cold enough to let it cover the ground but I managed to shoot some evidence before it melted away :)

Have a fun weekend!


  1. I've never tried Tristam over the whole nail, but it was awesome for water marbling, since it was so runny :)

    Look here if you want to see the result: http://honmednaglarna.blogg.se/2011/october/storm.html#comment

  2. Oh dear.. I accidentally commented from my boyfriend's account now.. Ah.. screw that xD

  3. Too bad the formula is bad, because the nail polish is *very* beautiful!

    (lol @ commenting from b/f's account!) :D

  4. Oh I would love to own Tristam. Absolutely lovely manicure! ^-^

  5. LOL, thanks "Kalle"/Amaaaanda! That's a great tip!

    Thank you Rainbowify me and Ashesela :)

  6. Love that mani, Tristam is just stunning! :) Love your blog, following you :)

  7. beautiful nails !those pattens had shown your unique inspirations !your blog is so great ,full of fashion elements, I like all these pictures you posted ,and I have followed you ,can you follow me ? It will be my pleasure if you come and pay a visit . Kisses . :)


  8. Thank you Emm, moonchild and Romwe.


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