Never too busy to shop...

When time is short to paint the nails, shop some more stuff... I do. I got me some Color Club polishes that have been on my wishlist, from CesarShop's sale. Here are Alias, Love 'em Leave 'em and She's Sooo glam.

Someone might say I have too many pinks but this one has been on my wishlist for a long time. She's like a friend, seeing her so many times on other blogs and writing her name down on my wishlists... When the sale came I had to ask her to stay with me.

Here's also Alias from another angle. I don't wear dark polish often but next time I do there's something exciting to try because of this.

Love 'em... I knew I needed but seeing it live really stunned me. I tried it quickly over my thumb nail and it's absolutely amazing. No pictures I've seen do justice to it.

Here are rubber 3d nail art stickers...

I might have to start making pedicures more frequently too to use up all the nail art stuff that´s piling up... Here are cool nail tattoos I got as a freebie with the order:

I also got something from ELF sale... There was no Jade still, so I took the only polishes I didn't already have and still wanted to get - along with a random selection of Shimmering Facial Whips and eyeliners. Here are Dark Navy and Glitter Glam

I do have manicures planned, not going to let the bottles collect dust. I promised myself not to buy any more polishes before I can organize their storage. Still one more holo haul ahead...

Besides the holo action which will end up on my nails next, there's also a halloween design I've been working on (for a video).

See you soon with some nail art :)


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