Dracula dresses up for Halloween

Here's a look I sketched for Halloween a while back. I'd almost misplaced the pics, it was so long ago I took them! I made this originally for Migi Nail Art contest but decided against sending them. I thought the design was too plain. The shimmering blue color itself is fab as you can see above. But when you were told to use only Migi products and my colors were so not even close to Halloween... Copper had to substitute for orange and the result was  quite blah. Spiders, webs, you've seen it all before.

So I came up with a story:

You'd think Count Dracula was pleased it was Halloween: time for evil spirits and all. But no. This vampire lord was sad. Sad because everyone else could dress up as they pleased and he just had to be himself, all the time, all year around. This time, he decided, he'd dress up too! He wanted to be something very differend from his very presence - so he dressed himself as pumpkin.

Hence the "orange" suit here ^^

I'm wearing orange nails right now but can't seem to get decent pictures of them. No sun, no light. I'll upload them later if I get a good shot.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Höpsö Dracula :D

    Aaaaivan ihana tuo sininen! Hitto kun omatki kynnet kasvais taas :(

  2. @ Anette: Se on! Aina unohtuu, miten nättejä sävyjä noissa Migin kynissä on. Niitä pitää vain tavallisina nail art kyninä... Jos matkalle pitäisi lähteä ja saada kaikki kosmetiikka mahtumaan pieneen kosmetiikkapussiin, niin nämä olisi hyvä keino huijata ja saada enemmän "lakkoja" sopimaan kyytiin :D

    @ Yolandaas: Thanks ^^


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