Autumn Nails II with CC Alias sparkled up

Alias by Color Club was a big dissapointment for me. I expected to see a range of colors with this: green flash, gold and red sparkle, smoothly sifting and twinkling... After seeing these swatches by The Polished Perfectionist I was sure to find them from this bottle.

No matter how I turned my hand against the light, away from the light, on the shadows, turning more lights on, chasing sun... It just stayed purple. Dark and gloomy purple. Sometimes looking more black than purple. And it's sheer. This is what I got after 4 coats and dozens of photos:

Something that leans to dark green... somewhere in there... The sparkle is nice though.

But I want to be able to see some magic live and not just on the macro-shots :(

I desperately wanted more color, so I grabbed a bottle of Rainbow, a beautiful flakie by GOSH (see it over black here) and applied it over the whole nail. For the tips I still wanted green so I went for It's not Rocket Science by Orly (that I used just recently the same way).

Now that's more like it! This kind of show I wanted on my nails!

Now it reminds me of a grass with fallen golden leaves and a night sky just before dark. Interesting to look at from any angle - even on a rainy day such as this :)


  1. Your baby is gorgeous and the last picture makes the colors look beautiful!

  2. Ihana nökönenä sielä :) Upeat kyllä sait aikaan! Omaisin vähän pitemmät kynnet nii kopioisin heti ;D

  3. I was also very disappointed with Alias. You can see my entry about here, in case you're interested: http://rainbowifyme.blogspot.com/2011/10/color-club-alias.html.

    It's a great idea with the Gosh flakie, I'll definitely try that out. :)

  4. Love that u added Orly and Gosh, looks nice :)
    And your baby is adorable, so cute :)

  5. Sama ongelma täällä! Eilen sain tämän Aliaksen ja vaikka missä valossa ja kulmassa kääntelin kynsiä niin ei, en nää mitään duo-chrome-efektiä. :(

  6. I'm sorry to hear Alias has let down so many :( Thanks for your feedback, kiitos!


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