31 Day Challenge in retrospective! - Colors

This is such a cool nail art challenge. I really enjoy reading other bloggers inputs, for example on Chalkboard nails. I just don't know who started it? If you do, let me know in the comments - I'd love to give credits. First ten days are about colors, the next ten about patterns and last ten about inspiration.

I change my manicure just a few times in a month, so it would take me like a year to complete it... But I was curious to see if my blog is as versatile. Also so many readers have joined the blog since last year so how about some reminiscing?

I dug up my old looks, to fill the first parts of the challenge in retrospective!

Please click the links to get to each post:

Day 1 Red: My favorite red, also on my most popular posts Contempo by Nubar

Day 2 Orange: My (holo) franken back from July

Day 3 Yellow: Yellow Sparkle by Nivea

Day 4 Green: Lime Time by Wet'n'Wild

Day 5 Blue: This one was so hard to pick... I have so many favorite blues I've wore! But I'm really proud of my Tiffany Blue franken from last summer.

Day 6 Violet: I made a comparison manicure with Lilac Dream by La Femme Beauty and Lilac by Eyeko last January that I ended up wearing for days - was so cute! See it here

Day 7 Black and white: As a frenchie on the tips .

Day 8 Metallic: My twist on Ruffian manicure last year with Millennium by China Glaze

Day 9 Rainbow: Cutie Rainbow nail art also from 2010 here.

Day 10 Gradient: My favorite gradient to date, from December 2009 here .

Now I see I have too few orange manicures (that can be changed easily, come Halloween...) and really too many blues to keep it under the same label as green! Will have to start to re-organize my tags soon...

Thanks for stopping by :)


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  2. Thank you Yolandaas! Welcome ^^

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