Nail art in 4 mins

This is the quickest not-polish-only manicure I've made. I've been really busy and walking around with plain base for some time - but why, when I have all the tools I need to decorate them in a heartbeat, right?

These are the new nail decals I ordered from Sanna Tara Nail Art (finnish webstore).

Click to view them larger. I used the white ones on the bottom row, from the sheet with red flowers and blue leaves.

I didn't want to use too many of them at once, so I chose to put one sticker per nail. Then I used a dotting tool to add more details in white polish. The base color is Nivea Turbo colour in Pure Gold - it dries in 45 seconds! This is two coats of it. Here´s my older take on Pure Gold just for the tips. I finished it all off with Diamont top coat by Nubar.

Took less than 4 minutes in total to make these from clear base to decos - dried and ready :)

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  1. Love it! Nail stickers are the best for quick manicures :)

  2. Awesome nails for so little time. (: Lovin those. :D I like the base color. (:

  3. I just love nail art stickers! I bought tons online and they came in the mail today. well they were the rub on nail stickers. Have you used those?

  4. Thank you. Yeah for me these are quicker than stamping, I'm so clumsy with konad's :)

    @imfeelingnail-venturous: I haven´t tried them. I guess they are supposed to stick on the nail better since they are thinner than actual stickers? Might try some time. These are qute thin and yet need topcoat x 2 to stay well put.

  5. Love it. so simple but cute.

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