ELF nail polish haul - Coral

I made my first order on Eyeslipsface.co.uk last month while they had free international shipping.

The color samples on the site are quite inaccurate so I searched through the web for swatches of their nail lacquers. Browsing through many funny elfs (creatures) on Flickr and other domains I found a swatch of a nail color I'd definitely order: Coral.

It's just as pretty as on the prettiest swatches I found: a gorgeous pink with gold sheen. I hear it's been compared to the legendary NARS Orgasm -blush.

Very pigmented and covers well with just one coat, dries fast. That being said, needs precision in application or otherwise leaves nasty streaks. One clear coat smooths it out well though.

Here on the row the whole lot: Coral, Gum Pink, Pearl, Mint Cream, Smoky Brown, Dark Glitter Purple (was supposed to be Metal Madness but received this - customer service replied that the real one is on it's way) and then Purple Dream. I swatched them quickly on the wheel and they seemed to be as opaque as the coral one. Will be seen how they behave on my nails. For another upside these varnishes are free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) :)

Worth 1,50 GBP a piece, don't you think?


  1. I love ELF and have so many colours the same as you. I haven't got the Coral yet, but this looks stunning xxx

  2. Moi! Huomasin, että olit My Dream Nails -blogin kommenttiboxissa ihastellut tekemääni ranskisvariaatiota ja kysellyt onko mulla blogia. Vastasin sinne, mutta kommenttiani ei ainakaan vielä ole julkaistu. Mulla siis on oma blogi, joka on ollut vähän yli vuoden jo. Osoite on http://polishwonderland.blogspot.com
    Kiva, että tykkäsit tekemästäni ranskisvariaatiosta ja toivottavasti pidät blogini muistakin kynsistä! :)

  3. Ooh! I love this color! I didn't know ELF made polishes! I need to try some out for myself. Thanks for the great swatch!


  4. I'm not usually a fan of coral but that one is nicceeee, especially with the pretty shimmer in it.

  5. Great Great great!
    I love this colour :)

    Madeline xoxo


  6. Well, this colour looks good, I think I'll order it. :)

  7. i love elf nail polishes, and those are great colours!

    BreezeyBee Blog

  8. Thank you! I think it´s worth the money :D

  9. Oi amor, amei mt seu blog, passa lá no world girl, meu blog e se curtir ele também segue e deixa comentário sobre o post que eu retribuo tudinho, beijão

  10. Very cool colour indeed. I've got some polishes from ELF on the way to me too, and I can hardly wait! :)

  11. I can't get my hands on Mint Cream. Every time I go to place an order it's always sold out :(

  12. Todella kaunis väri tuo koralli!:)

  13. lovely shade of pink!
    such a great post!love it :)
    i am following your blog,follow back if you want dear!

  14. Thank you!

    @nicelyvarnished: I hope you´ll get it eventually! I´d like to order "Teal" but it´s always sold out. They've had such good offers lately on their site no wonder their stock is low though.

  15. I love that colour it looks amazing x


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