Pretty in Platinum by Color Club + Tutti Frutti by Maybelline Colorama

I needed a new "canvas" polish for layer plays so I tossed this Pretty in Platinum in my previous order from TD. I used to layer plain white and white shimmer for this kind of pearly base before I ran out of the latter. Now 2 coats of PiP will do it :)

My eldest daughter wanted to surprise me with a bottle of polish: Tutti Frutti by Maybelline Colorama. To please her I layered it with PiP - which I'd been wearing for a few days already - and it all ended up looking very princess-y. It´s true I wouldn't have bought this polish myself but she was so thoughtful to buy it, making sure it's something I don't already have LOL

This is two coats of PiP with two coats of Tutti Frutti. You can see the pale pink and glitter better here in the shadow. The color is like soft lilac. I used this same sweet combo on my pedicure too.

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