Pink and Green Funky French Nails

Inspired by food... Well not exactly, but by food packaging. To me the lime green and pink looked pretty and fresh together so I decided to combine them in my nails... I didn´t have matching green but grabbed a neon green instead. In these photos it looks much lighter than it actually is.

Here's the packaging (frozen vegetables) and the stuff I used. A dotting tool for the flowers and a needle to drag them as well as to make the tiny dots. In skilled hands with stamping set this package would inspire very beautiful manicures I'm sure. Mine is more of a quick sample. I had been wearing this base polish for a week on it's own so this design was to get the last out of it before changing to another color.

A bit of a brighter side for a change!

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  1. Pink and green are two of my favorite colors together, this is no exception!

  2. This is gorgeous. The colours look so fresh together :]

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, you do such clean perfect work!

  4. Hello I love your blog.. Where did you find the Claire's green seen here.. Was this part of a package? Where did you find it?? Do you still have this package and are you willing to sell or trade with me. I have been searching all over for this set.. I would really appreciate any help.. Thank you very very much..I could not find an email to reach you.. Mine is
    nhorsman@live.com I will check back here but if you are willing maybe you could contact me to let me know about where you got it..... Thanks again..

    1. Hi Nicky,
      I saw these Claire's first at Getcha Nails Did http://getchanailsdid.blogspot.com/2010/02/stop-freakin-presses-claires-pastels.html and fell for them. I asked some people we know in Canada to buy and send the set to me. I wish I had asked for 2 because these are really adorable and so tiny I'm afraid I'll use them up if I use them too often :P

      Here are all my Claire-babies: http://doo-polishing.blogspot.com/2010/02/more-summer-to-my-nail-polish.html

      I hope you can find a set for you!


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