It's Not Rocket Science by Orly + Matte version with GOSH

This polish has been waiting for me to wear it for nearly two months now. I thought this would be fitting to late-summer manicures, when sun is still high but you can smell the end of summer already. It's Not Rocket Science by Orly here with 3 thin coats.

It's surprisingly light to wear allthough it's packed with golden sparkle. A really gorgeous color on it´s own. But not the kind that would suit my skintone very well. I think this is one of those polishes that looks better on me when the light tanning has faded and I'm more pale.

I placed an order to a finnish web boutique Sokos last month and got me some cosmetics from their summer sale. I did took a pic of the haul but somehow accidentally deleted the pics! I actually thought I had transferred them already to my PC... But I'll show the products as I try them on. The chocolate bar I got for free has been eaten of course LOL This Matte Top Coat by GOSH was in the lot as well as some other polishes and lip glosses.

This matte top coat was quite slow to dry compared to the ones I own from Orly and Rimmel but the finish is flawless. It's always fun to mattify sparkling polishes and this one translates beautifully to matte finish.

Which version do you prefer: shiny or matte?

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Suomeksi lisäys: Sokoksen verkkokaupassa oli kesäalessa GOSHin lakkoja ja tämä mattapäällyslakka on yksi niistä joita sai alle 3 eurolla. Vaikutti kyllä olevan hintansa väärti; iso pullo ja moitteeton lopputulos, vaikka hitaanlaisesti kuivuikin kynsillä.


  1. Kuolaan tuota Orlya, vaikken vihreistä lakoista suuremmin pidä! :D

  2. Kiitos! Harvoin vihreää ostan/käytän mutta tämä on kyllä nätti :)

  3. i love so much this grenn specially the shiny version :)

  4. I think it looks amazing matte! I loved the whole foil fx collection.


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