Autumn Nails with CC and Orly

Pairing up these two, It´s Not Rocket Science by Orly and Wild and Willing by Color Club, was on my mind already when I placed an order for them. They both remind me of Autumn and look good with gold.

This design was by far the hardest ever to capture on camera due to duochrome effect! But the close up shows the shades without too many reflections.

I used diamond shaped golden glitter applied with clear top coat and a dotting tool. Not being too precise with the rows but placing them to line the tip. Really easy design but the gorgeous polishes make it interesting to look at from every angle.

I really feel like the summer's coming to an end. The schools start next week, it´s been raining more than in months, the grass is not growing anymore, the blackcurrants and other berries are ripe, the nights are getting darker... The most alarming sign of autumn is that I need socks. I love being bare feet, love to wear sandals. Now it's getting so much colder I need to put on the socks straight after the shower.

I will miss summer and being free from (most) schedules. Now the weekends start to get more meaning again, which is nice in a way.

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  1. Very gorgeous mani, you took great pics too!! I absolutely love the gold little dots separating the two (:

    I also stop by and tell you I tagged your blog on my post Some Awards.. ^_^

  2. Totally miss autumn now LOL~

    Very nice mani! Lovely colors!

  3. That is jaw dropping awesome! I can't stop looking at them. Also the way you alternated which one was on top is great.

  4. Ohh nice nails. This nail becomes autumn more beautiful.

  5. wow! beautiful! :D i wish i had that skill! : P
    i followed your blog, would really appreciate it if you took a look at mine? : )


  6. Just gorgeous your nails look like beautiful autumn leaves perfect fall mani indeed!

  7. Thank you! It´s funny how brown starts to call for me when the days get a bit colder... and then blue when it's freezing LOL

  8. So very pretty! Love these colors! Can't wait for autumn to get here. My favorite season!
    xoxo Lizbeth

    Just became your newest follower

  9. wow. - die farbe ist sehr einzigartig :)



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