Perfect set of nails

This July I haven't had much time for blogging... I've been admiring this perfect set of tiny nails :)

I welcomed our baby girl to the world with these new-to-me girls by Zoya - going in to labour with Charla on my toes and Phoebe on my fingernails. No pics of that, don´t worry LOL Charla made it through the challenge very well but Phoebe started chipping off quite fast. Very understandable for it being a matte finish.

Here´s the cutie I get to wake up next to now - several times a night LOL

I'm not about to put the blog on the hold - I actually have more "free" time now on my maternity leave than I had while still working. I might have to reach for fast-drying top coats more often... but I won´t stop playing with colors. Such fun to be able to see my toes again and reach to them for a fun pedicure too!

Thank you for your lovely comments. I see some new faces here on GFC too - welcome all :)


  1. I forgot to able the comments, sorry about that, not intentional :)

  2. Aww... Congratulations on your sweet bundle of baby-ness. She is just adorable. <3

  3. Thank you Laura and Ice Queen :)

  4. Awh, what a cutie and congratulations on your new arrival

  5. Thank you Cali, she´s cute beyond words :)


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