Ancient Jade by Orly

I'm slowly but surely going through the lacquers I ordered last month (pic here). I already had many colors similar to Ancient Jade but wanted to try it anyway. Prior to this I had only finishing products by Orly.

The coverage in this is very good. If my nails were shorter one carefully applied coat would've been enough! Here's two coats.

It's really creamy. It doesn´t make the nails feel hard but rather like after you've put hand cream on! Somewhat elastic... Almost like it was conditioning... which apparently it's not. It is big 3 free though (no DBP, toluene or formaldehyde).

It has nice gloss, dries fast and the tone is truely set for summer. Definitely makes me want to try more lacquers from Orly :)


  1. Looks somewhat shimmery. Not as pure-creme as I thought. I am considering getting this.

  2. It does on the pics yeah! I googled some other swatches and on some of them it seems to have shimmer too. The light plays tricks on the nail but there actually is no shimmer to this polish.

    Out of similar shades (like Vintage by Eyeko which will be discontinued) I prefer this one for coverage and gloss :)

  3. WOOWW NICE BLOG AND ALSO I LOVE LOVE YOUR POLISHS so cool colors :) ..so wlc to my blog too cuz i'm new in blogger hope you like my blog :)cuz i like yours

  4. wowo i want that's orly one so much


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