Orange (holo) franken

Another franken to Doo's inofficial Summer Collection... I realized I don't want to ship just one bottle to my sister. I know she's been into orange nail polish lately so why not try an orange holoish color too to ship to her?

I like this one better than the Light Coral one. The holo is more defined for there's no extra glitter or shimmer on the colored polish I used this time. The consistency too is way better! Though after making this I tweaked the Light Coral too a bit by adding more holo so they are more like twins and the other one is not outshined LOL

This is with no top coat.

I used Orange Fizz by Wet'n'Wild (you can see how bright it is here) and for the holo Worth The Risque by Color Club. Nothing else!

This is more of a late summer color I think. The shade is a bit of a burned orange so would probably look good with some tan. Can't wait for my sister to wear it. She has completely differend undertones and I know she wears orange well.

I might have to complete this "mini collection" with a third franken now that I started... I just can't think of what kind of polish should that be... Do you have any suggestions?


  1. The color is very cute... but where is the holo?

  2. Thanks! Try clicking the pics larger - the second pic should show it best. It's really hard to capture on camera though. And as you know, if you don't mix 1to1 holographic polishes you'll lose some holo. There's like 1to3 holo on this one, hence holo in brackets :)

  3. Beautiful colour!! I just love this sparkles:D Hmmm, the third one...how about slightly more pinkish or reddish colour???

  4. Thanks! Dusty orange red sounds cool, more towards red, I'll keep it in mind!

  5. I love this orange! I haven't any orange polish, 'cause i think I can't wear them for a long time :P But this is so nice ! I can imagine that color with Nfu Oh 38 on it (you can see it from my blog, for exemple) I love it so much !


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