Fashion Addict by Color Club

It´s been a long time since I wore any nail art... Sometimes with new polishes like this one, Fashion Addict by Color Club, I get so stunned I can´t think of ways to improve it.

I thought of leopard spots and all but I like it's other modest side too which presents itself in the shadow: then it's very delicate lilac with shimmer (the "new version").

I've had this polish on my shopping list for the longest time but somehow never took it to the counters with me. Now I think this will become one of those colors I want to have an extra bottle with me!

This might be a good bridal look too: it's equally beautiful on short and long nails. It has enough shimmer to not to seem dull on the shadows but is classy at the same time.

Happy Midsummer´s Eve!

Hauskaa Juhannusaikaa kaikille :)


  1. Thanks Nailderella, isn't it? The old version is supposed to be more sparkly but I like the delicate shimmer-holo this one lends :)

  2. wild at heart is pretty too and very good in stamping :) by the way im your nw follower. :) visit my blog :)

  3. Aah, I love the color :) I gotta have this :)

  4. I just ordered this colour! Still waiting for it to come to me soon! I can't wait. You've gotten me even more excited for it's arrival. I don't even care if it's not the holographic original version, I just love the colour.

  5. Oh it is one beautiful color! Straight up to my top 5 nail polishes. Hope you get it soon kimmyl182 :)


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