Cosmic Polish by Eyeko

It felt strange applying black polish while it's so hot and bright outside... but I really wanted to try this one out. And this is like no other black; this one enjoys to shine along with the sun. It's my new Cosmic Polish by Eyeko.

It contains holographic microglitter that really creates an illusion of a space. Inside or on the shadow it looks like fine silver shimmer on black.

I applied 2 coats. No top coat here but I'll add a layer later because I can feel the glitter on the surface and I want it to stay glossy.

This has been on my wishlist for a long time and when they had an offer of one free nail polish with a new order I jumped at the chance and got this with Liptastik lip pen. Out of all the Eyeko polishes I still want Vampira. Good to have a shopping list ready for the next time...

This week over at Eyeko they'll offer free Coral nail polish (check it out here) with every order over 18e / $20 with a code E13919.
With free shipping to Europe, and worldwide free shipping on orders over $55 :)

Have a relaxing weekend!


  1. I really love this color.. It looks like outer space! :)

  2. Wow!!!!! It is Really Beautiful...I really like The Color Collection!
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  3. Thanks! It's really cool but I found a way to make it even cooler LOL I'll post pics before the weekend :)


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