Cosmic by Eyeko with CND effects - even cooler!

I decided not to change my polish until I receive the new polishes - so I've been wearing Cosmic polish for a straight week now! With black on I wanted to try CND Effects right away over it. This is Ice Blue Shimmer.

It doesn't hide the holo but adds some mystery to "the space"! /click to view them bigger/

The tipwear is obvious at this point (7 days) so I had to do some major cropping to keep the pics neat. But from the close ups you see the effects best anyway :)

It's really like staring into space... In direct sunlight black original stays glossy and gorgeous where "the effected one" looks almost metallic!

Which version to you is more cosmic?


  1. Molemmat näyttää niin kivoilta, etten osaa päättää, kumpi olis kivempi. :)

    Annoin sun blogille pikku palkintojutun, se löytyy täältä http://polishthis.blogspot.com/2011/06/top-10-award.html

  2. Kiitos Annie! Kivanoloinen tagi, teen tässä pikapuoliin kun ehdin :)

  3. oh my, you have the MOST beautiful nails on blogsphere, really! I got so envious, your nails are all long and beautiful! >.<



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