Vintage polish by Eyeko vs. Silky Mint by GOSH

Here's a super-quickie comparison between Vintage Polish by Eyeko and Silky Mint by GOSH.

The colors are captured very accurately here thanks to the new camera. On Vintage it says "jade green". Here (on index finger) you can see GOSH is a tad greener than Vintage (on middle finger).

Also, with GOSH I could get away with 1 less coat of polish to get it opaque. With Eyeko it took 3 coats, with GOSH 2 coats. No top coat on either of them. Both apply neatly. Eyeko's weartime (see my pics) was excellent.

Here's a full set of fingers with Silky Mint:

Although Eyeko's nail polish bottles are narrow - and it seems it's only half as wide as GOSH - it still holds a bit more polish! I was very surprised to see that, I assumed the other way around...Eyeko 8.5 ml, GOSH 8 ml. For the grip and application I appreciate narrow cap more - but I can see how manufacturers like to present some bottles as containing more by playing around with the design: wide caps, glass-within-a-glass bottle... In comparison I like honesty more.

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  1. Yes they're really pretty! I lined up all my minty shades after this, and GOSH was definitely the greenest out of them. I'll take a pic of the row tomorrow when the sun is up again :)


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