Depend #221 - straight up and mattified

One thing (only thing?) I don't like about Depend is that they have just numbers instead of real catchy names on their polishes! This one is called #221. I'd rename it as "Mediterranean breeze" or something like that... It's one gorgeous spring shade. The color is turquoise that leans strongly to blue and it has very pretty silver shimmer in it.

I'm wearing just 1 coat over a base coat. It's really opaque, so you might need a bit of patience to get it right with one coat without getting it too thick.

You can see some tipwear the past 3 days have done. No obvious chipping, but my nails seem to be like that. Nail polish chips on me very rarely.

The shimmer #221 has reminded me of the one O.P.I.'s Russian Navy Suede has so I started wondering what it'd look like without the shine. After wearing it for a few days straight I mattified it with Orly's Matte Top. Here's the mattified version in semi-shade:

Comparing this to the original I prefer the mattified... It's a bit more classy looking? The shimmer becomes more noticeable and doesn't fade in the shine. Also as a matte it is more baby blueish which I like very much.

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Gorgeous shade that is calling spring :)
    I like it matte or shiny ^^

  2. @Gwenn: Isn't it? Thank you for the feedback :)

  3. That is a pretty colour.

    I always giggle when I see pics of that brand polish because in this country, Depend is a brand of disposable undergarments for those with incontinence. And I am, apparently, twelve. :P

  4. @Ice Queen: No wonder if they don't become popular there LOL


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