New Migis for Contest Prize

Few months back I was too busy to even check my blogmail (yahoo) let alone keep up with others' posts on blogs and YouTube. Imagine my surprise when I checked my mail in a hurry (and a bit kranky) - and there was a note from Migi declaring I had won a free set of Migi Nail Art pens for submitting this picture for their Holiday contest:

Yahoo! "Contest winners" vid on YouTube: here

For the prize I selected Migi Set #100, "Shimmer" gold set with 8-colors. The turquoise and gold were most appealing to me. Though I do wish to own a "Pastel" set #104 one day too...

The picture from:
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I already had regular black, regular white, pearly white and pink nail art pens by Migi. They were also sent me for free during their YouTube campaign last yea... errr... in 2009 :)

I didn't have the screwable rings before this set, so I had just 4 "half-pens". Now with the rings it's much nicer to use them, more steady for the hand when making details. Still it's great you can unscrew them and toss one in the pocket. The size of the tube and width of the brush make them a great quick fix: a Migi fits into the smallest purse for the night out.

I made my Halloween manicure using the gold one with black. I'll be posting mani pics a bit later when I dig them out from the files.

So good to be back :)


  1. So nice your mani!!
    I love it!
    Happy new year!
    Lots of love and happiness!

  2. Thank you! Happy New Year to you too :)


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