Black Velvet by Mavala

Here's Black Velvet by Mavala, the polish I used as a base for Bluebelle in my previous mani.

As you can tell it's a very very dark almost-black color with a flash of purple. This is 2 coats of color if not just 1, so it's very opaque. Application is easy which is good, because if it ends up on the skin it's quite a smudge. It's also super shiny. I have no top coat on these. The accent stripe is Pure Gold by Nivea. These photos are taken back in August or sometime around it, when sun was still with us...

If the bottle looks small - well it is - but my nails were quite long back then too. I remember cutting a bit down after these pics.

In this thumb pic you can see the color through the bottle. A bit more of that purple on the nail would be great. I should try this one mattified - it could lend more of that underlying shimmer when the shine is blocked?

Have a great weekend :)

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