Contempo for Deep Red

I went to a birthday party last weekend and wore black/red dress. I didn't even think about wearing any other red than Contempo by Nubar. The matte finish to me is so elegant ... + as usual, I was in a hurry so didn't have time to wait for the drying too long (had to dress up the kids too...) LOL.

For decoration, just simple rows of dots with a trusty toothpick. The greater the event, the more modest I seem to be with my nails.

I think it might be subconcious, I don't want to draw too much attention to myself when celebrating someone else...?! But even with lacking the artistic value, the color is still stunning :)

I sent this out to PHD's Song Inspiration Challenge as well. It could be "Lady in Red" ...but actually I was thinking about "Red, Red Wine..." ;) The color to me is so deep and rich like in a fine wine.

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Lumi Lips by Lumiere - my 6 pack & SALE

A while back I was placing an order for Lumi Lips lip glazes from Lumiere Cosmetics. They were having a big sale then (and they are now having one too, scroll to the bottom to see!).

I couldn't find that many swatches so I thought I'd put up some when I get them - in case someone else was to google for them :)

Here they are, from left to right: Las Vegas, Oh Baby, Twinkle, Holy Grail, Hot & Ready Red, Peach Glaze.

These are my favorite lip glazes because they're not sticky. They feel good on the lips without looking too "painted". They complement the look, instantly refresh even if I were no other make-up. I took only one bold color - or what I thought to be bold but was actually really wearable as well! That's Hot & Ready Red.

My favorite everyday-colors are Holy Grail and Fling (not pictured here). I like the way they just delicately stain my lips and enhance my own pigments :)

These are mini-sized and I love to toss them in my pockets (jeans, jacket, handbag)... Some nice color always with me even if I pack in a hurry. I can justify myself buying several cute colors for I don't have to worry about them getting bad - I'll use them up quicker than a bigger tube of lip color.

Now to the sale... You get automatically 35 % off of your purchase until 29th. You can also get a free gift!

"As long as you have the required minimum amount (this is after discounts and before shipping costs) you can add in the free gifts!

If you purchase a minimum of $15, you can add gift #1

If you purchase a minimum of $30, you can add gift #1 & gift #2

If you purchase a minimum of $50, you can add gift #1, gift #2 & gift #3!!"

When I last checked the free gift #1 was Mini Lumi Lips :)

The store: http://www.lumierecosmetics.com/

Anchorage by Wild and Crazy Colors

I wore Anchorage the past grey week at the office. I first bought it for I wanted a safe grey polish and it was convenient to buy it along with other Wild and Crazy colors. But this one is far from neutral though it can fool you from a distance. Just the kind of polish I love to wear at work :) Here she is, a blueish grey, loaded with silver shimmer! It's a real ice-princess color.

Everytime I say Anchorage in my mind, "anchored down in Anchorage..." starts playing in my head. I had to listen to the song to get rid off it, though it's quite a nice tune:

Isn't she lovely? No amount of pics seems to be enough to show how pretty it is.

Have a great start for your week :)


Done in July

I should've made this post weeks ago but it's been really busy... A report about activities in July ...other than hitting the beach and eating strawberries...:

3 x Pilates
5 x Spinning/ indoors cyckling
1 x Zumba
+ outdoors cyckling
+ Method Putkisto stretching exercises at home

Wow I really thought it was more than that! The last half of July was much more active for me. And I did reach my goal, I was comfortable wearing bikinis. Now must not get too content about it. I know I start to bloat the second I decide to cut down on exercise again... The calories just don't burn on themselves like they used to when younger... LOL

But I think I've find a good rhythm for the exercise and it's becoming a good habit to hit the bike and head to the gym. Though I'm still not comfortable in using the equipment there, I rather take part in group activities.

So far in August I've been on 8 classes and counting. I expect there to be wider variety of group activities offered when the Fall season begins and instructurers come back from their Summer break next month.

Enjoy the weekend :)


Just tips with Pure Gold by Nivea Turbo Color

I sent this to the weekly challenge to Polish Hoarder Disorder. Check out the rest of the "Just tips" gallery here.

I was actually wearing plain Pure Gold tips for the week, at work. Thought it would be subtle enough but yet not too boring for the days in the office... It was also a good choice for I was kinda in a hurry and this Nivea Turbo Color dries in 45 seconds!

For the weekend, in time for the challenge, I took out 2 shades of purple nail art pens. One is creme and the lighter one slightly metallic. Both were a brand called Nail Star, bought from eBay.
The lighter one doesn't show up all that much, but gives it dimension. You can best see it on the dots, though the lighter strokes highlight every single darker stroke just under them.

This was really a quick one... sometimes a minute or two is all you need for pretty tips :)

Hope your having a great week!


Flowers of Devotion

Mooore flowers... this is what I wore a while ago while still on holiday. Pink flowers on Devotion by China Glaze -> previously seen here. Funnily enough, the last time I wore this polish the temperatures were record low - as this time they were record high!

It's been so long since I did this mani I don't actually remember which pinks I used on this! But you get the picture.

All dots with a toothpick. Thumb and ringfinger got bit more dotted than the others...

Now that I look at this pic I realize how fast my nails are growing! I'll show you more recent pics when I get to play with the camera again so you can see for yourself. I'm really lucky for not breaking any nails during the summer - although I have been using my nails in most everything summer related... like cleaning strawberries, scraping dry ice cream from the clothes, relieving the itch when mosquitos bite...

Hope you're having great start for your weekend :)


Sunflower toes

Quick toes of the week: Sunflowerssss... for feet where the smudgy look is not so obvious LOL It does look lively. But made to admire from a fair distance...

I used two shades of yellow, one with a bit of shimmer, + a gold nail art liner as well. Brown for the center. I used mainly Nail Star nail art pens. They are just brushed lightly and some dabbed on with a toothpick while still fresh. The base color is Enchantress Emma by H&M nail polish.

I wish to learn to make it more neat so I could do it on my tips as well. For a natural look you need more colors than just two, so it is bound to look less defined.

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Have a great start for your week :)


I'm enchanted by Etsy

How I've been neglecting the blog! Been window-shopping for the past week or so. Must find the perfect dress, and I signed in to Etsy to look for one. I've actually found several... Such cute shops, so much talent and vintage wonders in one place! But one of the features in Etsy really has won me over: the treasury.

Treasuries are collections curated by users. You can pick your theme and build a collection around it using any items you choose to browse. I started with pandas, just the sake of fun. My littlest loves pandas and it was cool to hunt them down on Etsy with her. Then we started to look for other animals with my son. Soon I found myself building a collection around "aqua". Then I wanted a pink bridesmaid-theme to store all the pink sweetness in. Then, my latest treasury is a real clothing collection with "Gothic Lolita" theme. I'm quite proud of it, I love all the items in it and would buy them in a heartbit if only they'd fit my body AND my style... I'm no gothic princess though so no blood red and black lace on me but in my dreams LOL Check it out here here.

My main inspiration for that treasury was this dress by PriscillaDawn:

There are so many great dresses on Etsy. I've been using "prom dress" and "evening gown" as search criteria for I want to find a classy party dress. Now if I had more time, I'd get it custom made - but to make up my mind on the color has been such a long process I was just not ready until now.

If you have your own Etsy-store or favorites there,
please share them with me :)