Marimekko Unikko nails revisited

Last year I made nails to resemble Unikko ("Poppies") by Marimekko (see here). Since then I've often been requested for a step-by-step tutorial and finally got around to do it :) This time I made an all-pink version of it:

It's really easy because it's supposed to look uneven. The less rounded the dots are, the better LOL

The flowers are made with Inglot #151 and O.P.I.'s Japanese Rose Garden, Wet'n'Wild Orange Fizz used for the center.

Japanese Rose Garden looks surprisingly dark here. I realized I haven't worn it as a base color yet in this blog, so I'll add it to my to-do -list ...Along with an inventory, slideshow of some nail designs from spring and summer, mineral makeup swatches I've planned to do for ages... For the dreamy weather this summer I haven't spent so much time playing with my polishes and makeup as I thought I would.

But I'm still glad I got this video finally done and up :)

Enjoy the weekend!

Summer Neon #W52 by Wild and Crazy Colors

I thought I should get the most out of my nail colors before work starts again and before it's time to turn to more subtle shades... So I dug out a shock pink I've used before on my mum's leopard spots here and my sis's konadicure here, but I've yet to use on my own nails. Must admit the name called out to me aswell: Summer Neon by Wild and Crazy Colors.

The shade is nice, though not as cool as on the bottle. This color also turns yellow-ish on the sun quickly, so a good top coat is necessary. (I also fear it might stain nails, so a good base coat is in need too!)

It has pretty shimmer on it, but too bad it's so subtle it doesn't show up on the pics nor from the distance. With more shimmer this would be a stunning color.

It applies like a dream. This is with 2 coats.

I have a design for this coming up later, something that's been requested... I plan to post a tutorial slideshow on YouTube .

See you a bit later with flowers :)


10+ Hot Weather Beauty Tips

It's been hot everywhere I hear. Yesterday it was the hottest day in the history here in Finland! 37.2 degrees in Celsius, 98.96 degrees in Fahrenheit. It can't get hotter than that anymore this summer... but hopefully next summer it will!

While it cools down here up North I'll share these tips with you.

Feel free to comment and add your own favorite tips :)

1. Refresh

Fill a spritz bottle with mint tea and store in the fridge. Spray on, anywhere, when the weather is wearing you down. Just as good on the face or feet. It's still refreshing if carried around in a handbag for the mint. Stays good for a few days but on the hot days you'll end up filling it daily anyway.

To make a moisturizing spritz, add a few drops of glycerine to it. Serves as a great facial toner too.

2. Eat fresh

For fresh bites, nothing more refreshing than cucumber and watermelon. While watermelon is a very sweet treat, cucumber tastes neutral.

Make salads with your favorite groceries.

3. Drink

Plenty of water to avoid headache, nausea and bloating. I like to drink cold green tea too.

To add taste to water, you can make all kinds of icecubes: put mint leaves on them before freezing etc. I like to put frozen strawberries to my drink.

4. Wipe

Put a towel in the freezer and then place it on the shoulders.

For the face: You don't need facial blotters if you have your handkerchief. Why buy disposable if you can wash it and use it over and over again?

5. Relieve sunburns

Cucumber can be used to refresh the face and the body, or relieve sunburns. Aloe is known for its healing properties.

6. Let your eyes shine

Mascara is not part of my summertime make up but I really like to play with colors. Mineral makeup stays on well, is highly pigmented and is easy to apply with a moistened brush to foil. I'd never dare to wear turquoise liner on winter time but for sunny summer days it's really pretty.

7. Play with your hair

Long hair blowing in the wind... Accessorized with a cute headband or braided front section. Or then covered with a pretty scarf, bandana or a nice hat.

Lifting the hair up from the neck feels invigorating. It also protects it from tangling.

Scarf, bandana or a hat shield the hair from drying up in the sun. Here are some ideas for long hair:


A video by Rubenesquex3

8. Cherish your manicure

As you probably know, sun can affect your nail polish by yellowing it. You can prevent that with a good top coat that has UV-shield. I use Magnifique by Orly.

I've heard that rubbing sunscreen on the nails helps too, but haven't tried it.

9. Highlight

Use a bronzer and illuminating powders on your skin to highlight your tan. I've found my favorites among Lumiere's Face and Body Enhancers.

For application tips, see for example:

10. Smile

Enjoy the warm weather and remember to smile - it's infectious. To enhance your lips use a lip gloss or a tinted lip balm. It looks more fresh than a heavy colored lipstick. Besides, you might not want matte lips to contrast with your a bit shiny skin. Also lip wands and tubes are not as likely to melt in your purse in the heat. The formulas are getting better year by year and it doesn't have to be sticky to be shiny. Many have SPF on them too.

+ Stay cool for the night

I prefer to wear a bra when I sleep. But it's definitely not comfortable to wear it when the nights are humid and warm. So when it's hot, I go to my hubby's wardrobe for a support. I like to put on his t-shirt, grab the hem and tuck it through the neck hole outside in and tighten it. Gives a bit of support and yet no tight seams against the skin :)

Hope these are of some use to you!
Please share if you have other tips and tricks :)

Pedicure - Love Nails by Sinful Colors

The time flies when enjoying the summer! This color has been on my toes for the last beach days: #801 Love Nails by Sinful Colors.

The pic is taken under water, hence the sand grains :)

This is super cool blue shimmer, looks metallic. Here with 2 coats, but on my tips I'd definitely need more to get it really opaque.

I'm not sure if I've ever worn this before. It's really beautiful but for some reason I can't imagine it on my tips. It's just too cool I think.

Hope you've enjoyed the last days of July.
Here it's been HOT


Wearing Knight's Armor on the beach

Finally wearing black glitter Knight's Armor by Nubar. I wanted to pair it with a holo polish so I chose a girly pink #120 by Golden Rose. You've seen that holo here layered over darker polish. This pic is taken under water. Click the pics to view them larger.

Here they are on dry land. I thought about lining them with black but then decided against it. Wouldn't want to flatten the effect they have together although it meant a bumpy line.

Fresh out of sea. Knight's Armor is just 1 coat + touch ups! The pink holo is on with 2 coats. No additional top coat needed.

There are many reasons I like french tips on summer. Firstly the growth doesn't show (and my nails grow quite fast during summer) so no need to change a mani for that. On french tips the removal of glitter ain't as bad either. And with a bit of bare skin showing on the bikinis, it seems natural to show a bit of "nude" on the nails too LOL

But my next manicure won't include french tips. Something else for a change :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


Melon nails (and pineapple pop)

Sooo... I turned the layer mani into melon nails :) I realise it doesn't really look like a slice of melon... yeah... but the colors fit, it has the feel of a melon. Or maybe I just imagine it, having consumed lots and lots of melons during the summer LOL

The middle part is yellow nail art pen, rather thick, and the flesh is made with Rimmel 60 Seconds Sunrise #420.

Here's something that fits this fruity theme. You know I hate it when the pictures lie. This is Solero Pineapple icicle. It was supposed to have bits of pineapple in it. And look at that cover, it looks soooo cool...

Inside this boring from-juice-to-ice pop. Makes one feel stupid to fall for this...

I better stick to the lovely, refreshing bits of melon than these sticks.

Funny fact: Melon is actually one of the few food articles that translates to Finnish almost as it's written in English. In Finnish it's meloni.

On to the next mani with a differend french tomorrow.
Have a great start for your weekend!

EDIT 20100724: OOPS! Comments were not activated, sorry about that! Now it's on:)

Layer play with Sinful Colors Blue Ocean

This is Helen by Mecca Cosmetica with Blue Ocean by Sinful Colors layered together. Makes interesting green!

I first did this on my toes, wanting to add glitter and to see if it'd turn green so now repeated it on my finger tips.

Here's plain, beautiful Helen. With free-hand, so excuse the uneven lines.

Here they are layered together, 2 coats of Blue Ocean by Sinful Colors over Helen.

I'm not happy with the uneven nail line, so I've figured out the way to mask it better. Coming soon :)


Yellow Sparkle by Nivea

Wow it's been almost a week since the last post! I've been shooting my manis though I haven't had time to post them up. Been busy just enjoying the hot hot, record high temperatures :)

This is a Nivea Beauté polish (Colour Mini) I bought last summer called Yellow Sparkle #65. It's so sunny and fresh, makes me smile to even look at the tiny bottle (sorry for not bringing it to the pics!).

It's quite sheer so I decided to take the easy way with it to avoid the VNL - painted just the french tip with 2 coats and added rhinestones in aqua. Top coat is Diamont Seal & Shine by Nubar.

The sparkle is not easy to catch on the camera but the overall look is still very lively. This is the kind of color that could easily carry names like "Summer" or "Sunshine". But "Yellow Sparkle" defines it well too LOL

Hope you're all doing well!

I've been into french tips lately, more pics coming soon :)


Nubar Night Sky Collection corset nails

I already had the Sunset Matte as a base so I thought I'd lay them all out before changing the color - whole Nubar Night Sky Collection quickly rolled into corset nails.

Midnight Matte
on the base for corset, and Twilight Matte as the laces. Diamant Top Coat over the whole thing.

Twilight looks just like pencil... I do like them all but not so much together like this LOL

This reminded me of how much I love dark french tip on longer nails.

These mattes really bring out their best in any lighting.

Still one Nubar to test, Knight's Armour. It's so pretty I'll think of something extra nice for it.

But after this step to the dark side I'll visit the sunny side next :)


Sunset Matte by Nubar

This is Sunset from Nubar's Night Sky Collection. I needed to wear something not-too-bright with brown outfit and this bottle was still waiting for it's turn, so this seemed like a good and elegant choice of polish. Though it seems warm, the silver shimmer on the base makes it one of the most suitable browns to me :)

Click the pics to view larger.

It applies effortlessly and dries fast. Easy to rub off from the skin if the skin gets stained. Very quick mani indeed!

Hope you have a wonderful weather where ever you reside! We have absolute heatwave over here - and I'm really enjoying it. For me it can't get too hot. I love all the summer activities and sand between my toes. And I know the hazards of the sun but I still love the natural tan I get during the summer compared to my pale grey skin. I wish this weather would last for days and days...

I'm off to beach again... Have a great day!


My Tiffany Blue franken - neon!

This is closest to Tiffany Blue I've been. And it's a neon polish!

As we know, there doesn't seem to be one and only Tiffany Blue as their own packages change, but it's there between green and blue and it's vivid and beautiful. Someone did a comparison post on the bags and packages a while ago on her nail blog, but I can't remember who?? I'll link to it as soon as I find it, help me out if you know it :)

Anyway here's a link to a recent PHD nail polish swatch comparison: Tiffany Blue Search

The bottle I'm holding was just pure white polish of a cheap quality. I added some Claire's Pastel Blue (<- click for a swatch) in it, as well as a tiny amount of green. Don't ask me how much, I just kept on experimenting, sorry!

But the magic here is the neon blue from Claire's Pastel's. It gives the true depth to it so it doesn't look like "just a color between blue and green".

I'm so happy that I whipped up the whole bottle at once because I'm not sure if I could hit this exact hue again LOL

We are enjoying the warmest summer days at the moment from 27 degrees in Celsius / 81 degrees in Fahrenheit and UP. Must go and soak it all in for the cold winter months :)

Have a great week!


Guest Nails: Millennium Rocks

Here are rock themed nails I made a while ago by request. The base is Millennium by China Glaze and on the tip is Midnignt Matte by Nubar.

It's so much easier to draw a straight line on one's own nails than to a stranger.... should use the tip guides next time I guess LOL

The dots on the black are with Millennium too. The ringfinger has some tiny lilac pearls and a black star from one of my nail art wheels. They're attached with just clear polish.

That's it for metal for now. Next time a s(m)urf franken :)

Have a great start for your weekend!


Blue Flowers on holo

On sandy Nubar Spark base, from the fresh stash (last month): holo green nail polish Nubar Reclaim and the pretty blue Depend #195.

On this base and with this magical green it would make a pretty combo for cactus I think.

But I wanted to use this gorgeous blue so it's some dot flowers with silver glitter center. I promised to hand you flowers didn't I? :)

Vividness depends on lighting - more is more. There's no top coat, once again.

Well these colors have now passed my test and are officially awesome. Reclaim will be high on my list whenever I need a green for nail art.

Thanks for stopping by :)


Spark by Nubar

Nubars to the test. This is Spark from Prisms Collection. I love the neutral tone yet it has this very fine holographic glitter that makes it interesting. Click the pic bigger please :)

It applies like a dream. Is a bit sheer but 2-3 coats with this polish glides on so well it's not a big deal. And the shine is right there. No top coat added, it's just so flawless on its own.

I would call this subtle but it's bold in its own way. Very interesting and I love to have some (plenty of) neutral polishes to choose from at work.

But now I'm on vacation, yay!!! So more summery cOlOrS coming up.

Thanks for all the readers. 300 Google Friends + those of you who subscribe the feed or just come to check on the blog straight from the bookmarks.

Next time I'll bring you flowers :D


Done in June

Yet more excuses not to excercise the past month... and the big teases! Ice cream tastes so good when sick. Strawberries must be eaten fresh with some dairy product... Strawberry cheesecake has slowed me down a bit on my journey to my bikini's. And it's already swimming season!

I've actually done plenty more workout by my own in June due to being out of town or sick for many good days. These classes I did attend to:

1 x Zumba
1 x Deep stretching
2 x Pilates
1 x Spinning
1 x Gym workout with all the equipment

I was either sick or out of town during the Yoga classes and now it's cancelled for the summer. I'm so looking forward to start again in August. I've been dreaming of buying balance board and Yoga game for Wii so I could do it at home. I'm such a beginner I don't want to "learn" the poses wrong, I need some guidance.

Past month I finally got me a guided tour through all the gadgets found on the gym... Before I've just attended the group activities... So more of that coming this month. Also I plan to go swimming now that the water is finally warm enough and the weather is sweet. And I love to ride a bike and feel the wind in my hair :)

Now my countdown has begun and I plan to be fit enough for a pretty dress in August.

Have a relaxing Sunday
and happy 4th of July to those who celebrate :)