181 bottles

As promised, I counted them all: 181 in total! For what I could find... They can be found anywhere and I'm pretty sure some are in the car or in some pockets... Figure includes polishes as well as nail art pens, 50/50 I'd say. Mostly pinks but increasingly more blues too. And too much glitter polish for me to wear in a lifetime (as I'm not much of a party girl). But it's just too pretty to not to buy!

In addition I'm currently alternating between 2 base coats and 6 top coats (1 matte, 1 uv-shield, 3 quick-drying and 1 ultra long-lasting) + stuff to repair a broken nail.

I'll take pics of them as soon as I have good shelves for them. Now I just toss them in little boxes and baskets and a purse and you might be hurt to see how I treat these babies...

But couldn't leave without at least one pic. This is Orange Fizz by Wet'n'Wild. Wanted to test out how a tractor trace would look as well as swatch the color. I was impressed by the opacity. This is a great summertime color. ...For now I prefer pastels :)

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Over the rainbow

Hi and thanks for all your sweet comments! Here's finally the sugary mani I promised you. I've had the busiest week - and still a day ahead before the weekend hits on Sunday...

This is how I painted my nails for a certain birthday celebration. Little over the top is it?

Looking back at this pic now I'm not sure if I painted these nails - or was it the girl there who just kept throwing glitter and cuteness on me LOL

The base is minty franken, fuchsia is Migi Nail Art Pen, the blue line is Dorothy Who?. The rest of it is made with Nailstar nail art pens. Coat of glitter with Sand Turtle by Wild and Crazy (green and blue) and a stroke of multiglitter on the very tip of the nail. Overall very sugary candy land look :P

I sent it over to Nail Juice for a Chocolatey Sweet nail art competition - though it's not chocolate it's candy anyway :)

Soon to come:

- What I got this month
- Update on my stash
- A very pretty pastel yellow from Down Under...

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My nail looks on YouTube pt. 2 / Kynsivideo osa 2

Another part for the slideshow is up now :)

My channel: DoorisOvi

I have a sugary sweet mani to show you soon but have to get the pics out first. Be back later this week :)


Minty franken

I wanted to have a similar color than For Audrey by China Glaze but more greenish... So I poured some For Audrey in an empty bottle and spiced it up with a lime green polish - and then added some white to lighten it a bit.

This has the same chameleon effect that For Audrey has. And this guitar too LOL

This is pretty accurate glimpse of the color indoors.

I aimed for Peppermint Patti by MAC but ended up with what looks quite like Dirty Sexy Money by Misa or even bit like Greenport by Essie. I don't own any of them, but judging by the pics for example here and here. Should have been more generous with the white... and maybe some drops of yellow too... But I do like this color a lot. I'll be sure to reach for this color when hitting the beach next summer.

This is 2 coats of color with no top coat on.

I've gotten plenty of compliments on it, even from my mother-in-law :)

Here's a pic in the semi-shade.

I'll be back with this + some nail art. Hopefully sun peaks out tomorrow so the color will reveal yet another dimension of it :)


Post #123 and 100 subscribers! Thank you!!!

I'm so glad you enjoy your stay - please always feel free to leave me feedback and suggestions. I've enjoyed writing this blog very much. Can't wait for the Spring to bring new light over photographing etc. and to boost up frankening and color co-ordinating (with pigments too).

I'm overjoyed for you've found your ways here. I mean, I don't know any of my Google-subscribers IRL nor through any message board or such. Even my sis has me just bookmarked! I don't belong to any newsgroup or message board to promote my being and doing - except for YouTube and CoolNailsArt gallery. It would be kind of nice to hear how You found your way here :)

Here are some pics from the time before blogging (prehistoric), to celebrate this milestone:

Sorry for the poor quality, but that just adds nostalgy, doesn't it? ;)

Zebra tips, black on white. Made with regular nail polish brush by "push and sweep".

Here's a pink leopod - with a matching dress <3

Tomorrow I have a minty franken for you :)


Black and holo

This is what I've been wearing for a few days. I wanted black, then had a great inspiration for the nail art to wear with it from CelestialDreamx3:

It's gorgeous design on the video, isn't it? But it was a bit too much as such to wear at work. So I just thought I'd paint a square, and to add it dimension without extra lines decided to paint it with holographic polish. I had 2Nite still to test, so it's plain black creme as a base and 2Nite by China Glaze in the design on top. Truely a quick look.

It's quite far from the original but I can't help myself for explaining the source of inspiration (when I realise it conciously!). Have to have references to the sources everytime, page to page, haha (studying never goes to waste...).

When I put both of my hands on the table, fingertips touching each other, it looks like a cool snake pattern. I wish I could do smaller squares so there were snake pattern on each nail but then the holographic effect would be lost.

Impossible to capture on pics but you all know what holographic polish looks like in real - so imagine it's a rainbow on every nail in the light, looking silvery/blue when on the shadow.

Thanks for stopping by. It feels unreal there are almost 100 Google-subscribers to my blog!!!


FAQ - What I Doo like

I've been asked about products I use so I put up this sort of FAQ of the polish/nail care stuff. Polishing is a work in progress so my FAQ needs updating from time to time. This is where I'm at now in January 2010 with this "hobby" :)

Favorite basecoat:
Kiss Base Coat. It makes the nails look instantly better + holds the polish well. I am looking for an alternative for this since the product has changed and there are no more bottles of this left on the shelves (or on eBay for that matter).

Favorite topcoat:
Don't know about this... Tried many bad ones... I like Poshe for now but will be trying something else next. Maybe I'll give in to Seche Vite.

Favorite Nail file:
I file with 3-way buffer, gentle enough for me.

Favorite polish (for length of wear):
They all seem to hold up quite well with good care. But glitter stays on best and I love silver. So I choose Kiss Nail-Art Paint.

Polish that chips fastest:
All the smelly stuff tends to wear off quicker (unless there's adhering glitter particles).
Also my Russian Navy Suede by OPI was really a 1-day-mani (luckily easy to mend with a few new strokes the next day, seamless).

Favorite polish (for application):
For a quick posh look I opt for China Glaze OMG.
Never fails to apply smoothly - and looks stunning "in a flash" ;)

Favorite polish (for color range):
Miami by Mavala for being so pink and so cool.

Favorite drugstore polish:
Non-cosmeticstore polish that is? Wild and Crazy.

Favorite polish type (creme, shimmer, frost, holo):
Anything goes, preferably layered :D

Favorite remover type (acetone, non-acetone, moisturizing):
Acetone works fast so I use it the most.
But for darker polishes I like to use moisturizing remover-wipes; the polish won't smudge the cuticles (and the remover won't harm the skin as it would with acetone).

Favorite polish e-tailer:
No special one. I often opt for eBay.

Favorite hand cream:
Shea Oil at the moment. Very nourishing!

Favorite cuticle cream/butter:
The same as for the hands, Shea Oil.

Favorite cuticle remover:
Don't use any.

Favorite nail treatment:
Sweet almond oil on hands during sauna, magical!

Favorite nail blog/site:
Mine of course (with links to other blogs or YouTube vids for the best manis etc. ;)

Favorite color family (vamps, pinks, red/orange, blue/black/green/purple, sheer/nude, brights (yellows, neons):
Pinks without a doubt. But as I've stated before: I love all colors but not all at once, enjoy the harmony and also some shock effect by combining certain colors.

Favorite polish of all time (brand & color):
Mavala's Miami is sweet, pink and tiny. I see myself in it LOL

Color you wear the most:
Depends on the season. Overall it might be white (in designs).

How often do you change your polish?
1-2 times / week

How many polishes do you own?
I'll have to count them. Promise to do it by the end of the month.

Survey from Longhaircareforum.com

Plus a confession...
Your most freakish feature being a polish fanatic:
I usually by nail colors in 3's. That's a habit I'm trying to shake off. Last time I went to the store I spent far too long selecting the shades I'd buy. I kept on searching for the 3rd one to take to the counter and it became a bit frustrating. I had to remind myself that I can buy just 2 of them too!

If you wanted to update your FAQ's too I'd love to read them. Or just confess (the last question) - you can do it on the comments as well :)

I'll be back with pics of my current mani tomorrow. Been working long hours and seen no daylight for a long time... Tomorrow I'll be home before the dark :)


Italian Love Affair by OPI

Pure love with this polish! I was afraid Italian Love Affair might look too light on me or somehow lean to orange... but I'm easily deceived by the bottles. I'm forever thankful to OPI that the name was so appealing. Italy has a special meaning to me - so I took a chance and ordered this color!

I'm still not experienced enough on nail polishes that I could accurately label this polish. To me it has pearl finish? It certainly makes nails look like fine pearls. It's really a doll shade. Not too cheesy, just perfect to my taste. And it applies so well! Nice even strokes, 3 times each nail, with just 2 coats.

And we got enough real light so I could capture the true colors :)

Here above ^ I'm turning my back on the Sun (however low it climbed on the sky today...). In the first pic ^^ I'm facing the Sun.

Here above ^ a pic with a bit of shade coming there.

I love the natural light so much. Last week when I got home from work I got to see the sunset on the way. Before the holidays it was always dark when I got to work and got home from work - and I do work regular hours (mostly).

From here on it gets more beautiful every day with the Sun sparkling on snow :)


Summer palette

I've been analyzed to fit to many kind of categories shadewise. When thinking about seasonal color analysis, the palette for "Summer" seems to include my kind of colors.

See, above some shades picked from my nail polish looks (with magical digital photo editing tool). Those shades I have in my stash. They fit to the description of "Summer".

Here's a quote:


Summer colours are cool, muted and dusty. They are therefore not as intense as winter colours and have a depth that ranges from medium-light to medium-dark (2-4). Think of a hazy summer heat where the lighter colours are soft pastels as opposed to icy."

Well obviously my palette above is kind of dusty and hazy for they are like sprayed on LOL But all in all the colors I prefer are mostly soft pastels as opposed to strong neons and such. I like to layer shimmery white over harsh colors to soften them up. I also think silver suits me better than gold.

I know dark colors or warm colors like tomato red are not that flattering on me - but I neither have nor am I going to let that stop me from wearing them! As seen on purple I wore recently and very bright look with the flames ... :) And I could never see myself restricting my clothing according to some color chart, for I love to play with colors and patterns too much.

Anyway it's cool to find a palette that has shades that I really like. It's like a reference to others of my taste as well as a note for myself.

Here below a palette for "Summer":

I could go nail polish shopping with this chart - so many colors I'd be happy to wear! I think on the 2nd row that might be For Audrey by China Glaze... That one I already have. On the 3rd row isn't that Done Out In Deco by OPI? And the very first one there looks like You Don't Know Jacques by OPI to me. On my shopping list both of them. The yellow one looks like Helen by Mecca Cosmetica which I have huuuge crush on...

The last column has Italian love affair by OPI from which I'll take pics for you to see tomorrow (if it's not too gloomy day).

- Do you see yourself fit into some "season" or other color categorization?

The page I quoted above has good basic article on it with "Colour descriptions" and "Colour palette":

See you soon thinking pink... :)


My nail looks on YouTube / Kynsivideo

A slideshow has been on my plans for several months and finally made it!

This part 1 includes mostly pink looks. All featured in the blog before. You'll find them here with descriptions and pics using search or checking through the labels on the right. I think clicking "pink" will find most of the looks LOL

I'll be making more compilations later. Love to match the music with the designs :)

My YouTube account: DoorisOvi .

Enjoy the weekend :)


CG Ruby Pumps over dark base

I saw the beauty of layering Ruby Pumps over dark base on Gildedangel's blog Naive Nails a few days ago, as she layered it on black. As Russian Navy Suede started chipping dramatically on my right hand, I experimented the method on my non-chipping left hand over it. I love the effect!

It's dark enough look to pull off daytime too. Not strikingly glam from a distance but shockingly gorgeous from up close. Definitely a good thing that is. I was afraid it would be too X-masy to wear for other 11 months of the year...

The shine on Ruby Pumps alone is great. No top coat on these pics.

As usual, I tried to adjust the lighting to as realistic as possible. Due to that, the pics turn out a bit dark.

But day by day, Spring gets closer and we get our sunshine back :)


Lumiere sale 30% off !

Lumiere Skin & Beauty Bar is having a Spring Sale! Of ALL the instock items! And the minimum spending amount is only $5.

I love Lumiere's Flawless Face mineral foundation as I've mentioned before. I've tried and used many brands and Lumiere has been in my top 2 from the day I tried it.

I also collect the eye pigments (even though I rarely do my eyes). The little jars are so gorgeous to look at and play with and organize... color therapy without polish fumes lol

Now they also have pressed eye colors for easier application. I prefer the loose ones though since they can be used for franken polishes too. I'll swatch you the pigments I have when we get the sun back to this North corner of Europe. I want to show them in their true glory :)

This time I plan to order some Lumi Lips. The shade I used to have seems to be gone now but I was thinking of going for "Trio Lumi Lips set" which is listed under "Specials". I liked the light non-sticky feeling of these glosses the last time I used them. Now I'll just have to come up with the shades to order. I'm also excited to try "Ditto-O" cheek color which is said to be similar to a classic Orgasm by Nars.

Disclaimer: I'm just a regular customer and have no further affiliation with this nor any other company I blog about. I blog about products I try and use and that's it. To date I've never received any compensation of writing about products. If I'm pleased with a product I like to share my enthusiasm, as simple as that :)


Haul + the many faces of Russian Navy Suede

An order from the last decade - finally here! With Christmas classics Emerald Sparkle and Ruby Pumps by China Glaze. Between them is sitting Unique Ruby by Amour. As you can see, the order was made in holiday spirits... In the middle you see Orly's base and top coat on their boxes, then white Krackpolish (couldn't get it to crack though), holo 2Nite by China Glaze. And of course at least one pink to every haul; this one is Italian Love Affair by OPI.

Lastly I'm grabbing to the precious Russian Navy Suede by OPI. This polish will shoot right up to my favorites!

I love polishes (or nail art) that looks differend from other angles and under a differend lighting. This one is exactly like that! And what's more, the color is not too crazy to wear at work or at the office. Perfectly wearable day and night.

On top of that it applies like a dream, with only one coat. I don't usually like wide brushes but with this formula it's great.

Here's a pic of it outside (brrrrr... so cold out there!). You can see some tipwear. I usually try all my new polishes first with no top coat and this ranks poorly on holding up without chipping. It's been on for 24 hours and already starts to look old especially on thumbs. That's the only minus with this polish.

Usually my manicure lasts well over 3 days. Orly Bonder works here as a base - I wonder can I blame it for the tipwear..?

Have a great day :)

Nail Art Giveaway

I've been so busy with my blog throughout December that I nearly missed out on this giveaway!

This is a Swedish blogger who's been on a break for a few months now and is starting out in new frames. I actually first found she was back on YouTube and then got to know her blog.

To take part in this giveaway:

Write about your dream manicure at the comment section on her blog.

Subscribe to her blog. There's no Google Friend Connect gadget - but if you want to follow her through it then just click her banner, copy the link and go to your profile to add the link on your control panel to your blog-section (with blue button ADD). Other ways to subscribe are through RSS feed and Bloglovin'.

If you have your own blog then make a post about her giveaway.

The giveaway ends on 8th of January, so please hurry :)

Head to the Nail-design.se to participate

I'll be soon back with Russian Navy Suede...<3


Beginning belly dancing

I don't like routines... In keeping myself fit that is the most difficult part: to keep it interesting. I could also say I don't have enough time for it. But that would be a lie since my day is 24 hours as all of our days are. It's just a matter of organizing the time.

Since I started at my new job I've been very lazy doing any exercise at home. I know exercising would bring me more energy than it takes it away so I need to take a new course. So for the new decade a new workout to keep the spirits up!

Belly dancing looks fascinating enough to engage my interest for some time. Not the easiest dance form by a longshot. Will take time to master it and it will be lots of fun.

Yesterday I did the workout with Kathy Smith's Flex Appeal Belly Dance. I found the tutorial very nice to start with. Not too complicated moves, though "the camel" doesn't look all that good when I do it at this point LOL

The most enlighting tip was at the end of the video when the instructor said that you must feel the energy flows - going from the hips and separately going from the upper body. Thinking like that makes it easier to isolate the movements: let the hands and shoulders do their thing and let the hips shake as another unit. No bouncing from head to toes.

Knowing Pilates helps with getting touched to the hip circles and other new moves. Realizing "the frame of the body" and keeping "the power house" firm :)

The pic is from www.kathysmith.com

I didn't find a decent clip of Kathy Smith's tutorial on YouTube. But here's one other clip if you're interested in seeing a belly dance workout lesson, elegant hand movements included. Apparently the clip is from a tv show called Shimmy:

For what I understand there are many forms of belly dancing and for these workout lessons they do cut corners to simplify it. There are amazing belly dancing videos on YouTube also showing the true artists performing on their own. Really beautiful form of art :)


Ultra purple mani

I hope your year has started out well! I plan to do an inventory on my polish stash soon and as I glanced through my boxes I found this Eggplant Frost by Wet n Wild (Wild Shine). I've never worn it before. I bought it really because I had too few dark colors. Neither the name nor the look on the bottle is inviting to me - rather dull... But on the nails it turned out gorgeous! Glad I picked this one up. Note: this is without any top coat.

I found another polish I've left there on it's own: Ultra Violet by Color Club. This one is a beauty on the bottle but needs several layers to look as nice on nails. Quite an opposite for the Eggplant Frost. I originally bought it after seeing so many amazing swatches with it. See for example reviews from Scrangie and Polishaholic . I'll give it a chance again when the sun climbs back on the sky on Spring and don't even try to swatch it before.

So I made a long side swipe with Ultra Violet on the dark base - not really that noticeable but gives a bit dimension and lends a green flash.

For a highlight I striped between the two parts with metallic fuchsia, an unnamed two-way nail art pen by Nail Star. Again no top coat. I want to see how long this lasts before it starts to chip. And I'm secretly hoping I'll get a parcel of new polishes tomorrow or on Tuesday at latest. My package has been on it's way for 3 weeks now from Transdesign....

My hubby said this mani looks really 80's. What do you think? For me 80's is not a curse word, I don't mind LOL