Piggy nails

Wow I am so behind on posts! I was away on business last week and cought a cold right after. Air conditioning on the plane or just a coincidence, but I've got a sore throat ever since and a fever for a couple of days.

But this is what I wore before the trip. It's the lightest of the Claire's I got for Summer. I hadn't properly worn it yet. On the sides equally new to my hands M118 Grey Sparkle to Silver Crystal by Nubar - because it just happened to be on my purse when I felt naked wearing just Claire's coral... And I have always black nail art liner with me, so the good old x-french came to place. At home defined the x with silver. It was just a quick manicure but felt comfortable. And I like pigs :)

Take a close look, because I cut the length down quite a bit this week. While on the way I had easy-to-maintain manicure with Millennium by China Glaze. Don't have pics, because when I got home I was really feeling my nails are too long, almost ashamed of them. Really felt like a freak after seeing all the chic nails almost every other woman seems to have... And the foil effect just made me feel even more like Edward Scissorhands...

But the lacquer itself, Millennium, it's so perfect and stayed on like a dream. And now I'm a bit sorry I didn't take pics because I realized I had no outdoor pics of it yet! Here are the older indoor pics.

Now that I'm back home surrounded by beautiful nail blogs again I don't feel so alien. Aaah... But I'm not sorry for cutting them down a bit. If nothing else, they feel much stronger again.

I'll be back tomorrow with a bit more petite nails :)


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