Nail Art Contests for Summer

Many nail art contests going on - so why not put all the favorite colors to use now? :)

Tartofraises is having her 3rd contest, with a theme "Summer". Stamping nail art also allowed but as a part or design - not as an entry itself. Limited number of entrants allowed but there's still room for 30 more contestants (last time I checked)! Check out her contest and updated amount of contestants here. There'll be 4 winners.

Next one is 3TanjaJ3's contest with a theme "Vacation". Must be done using Migi Nail Art pens. Ends July 2nd. Read the rest of the rules here:

Then there's madamluck's Fun In The Sun. There are 3 levels to enter: beginner, intermediate, expert. Ends July 25th:

BeenaBop is having a contest that spans to August 1st. Her theme is "Handbags/purses". Even if you're not planning on entering this contest you can find creative ideas by tuning in to the theme and going through Google pic search and such: color combos, buckles, buttons, zippers, pockets, trimming... Endless source of ideas right there :) Here are the rules to enter And as with all videos, you can also see the received entries on video responses:

Let's start painting :)

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