Lemon Fizz Leopard

Bright and bubbly for a change! Actually this is double-fizz leopard. Base color is Lemon Fizz by China Glaze and the spots are made with Orange Fizz by Wet'n'Wild Wild Shine. Been wanting to get them together since I first got them :D

... Black half cirles are made with regular black polish and a toothpick. As you might have noticed, toothpicks are my favorite nail art tools < 3

Here's a closeup. Verrry random spots, verrry irregular lining. As we know, pastel yellow is not the smoothest surface to work with - but that just works for us in designs like this. That's wild enough!

I had a tear on the nail on my ringfinger. There's a patch on it and the polish looks quite rough on it. That bothers me a bit. Also light laquer like this makes my nails look wide and I'm so used to darker colors lately... Might need glitter to be totally satisfied with this look...

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  1. this is good you should check mine out

  2. Aivan ihanat! Hammastikuilla voi tehdä vaikka mitä;P ...Mullakin on nyt keltaista ja oranssia kynsissä. Orlyn Lemonade pohjalla ja oranssit rusetit CH Peachy Keenillä, mut nää sun kynnet on kyl paljon näyttävämmät:)


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